Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Immature And Hysterical) #321

Outsourcing almost never begins well, because of the distance that’s put between the needs and the means. The main justification is often that the needs are way over the means available, and that outsourcing supposedly allows for the means to become cheaper. But, that ends up malfunctioning, because of that distance I mentioned being put. We see that happening here.

Instead of trying to desperately adjust the means to a gargantuan need growth, maybe try to reduce the perceived need taken into account ?

CCP, maybe, stop throwing energy into new events, new features, new structure thingies and tweaks that only suit this or that huge influential CSM-represented alliance, and, instead, use that energy, those means, on fixing all that’s broken ? Playerbases remain because things work acceptably well, new players flow in because of new features. Eve Online isn’t about new players. It’s always been a tough, demanding game. New players will only remain for long if they find this challenge interesting. The playerbase, the remaining ones, are the ones to care about. Fix the things that malfunction, don’t make them malfunction just so as for new stuff to be introduced in this awesome game. Difficulty is fine. Unplayability isn’t. If people want to live in wormholes, it’s fine. But this isn’t Wormhole Online, nor Delve Online. It’s Eve Online.

Old-school POSes are OK, for example, please, do not break the game removing them, not worth the while.

Chat was an issue because of TiDi megafests, afaik, and people inundating local with jamming propaganda, in the systems affected bby the TiDi. But then, maybe simply deactivating local when on TiDi, or rate-blocking it would have sufficed ? Idk ? Was it really that true that you needed to take chat away from the code for it to evolve ? Why was that ? That’s such a mysterious assertion as it is. “Old chat is blocking evolution.” Mmmmhmm. Mmmok, but why ?

I’m probably ill-informed, but as I’m pretty immature, and also quite hysterical, I still voice out my frustration :slight_smile:

Keep it up, thanks for your efforts, thanks for Eve.

(Baldoran Huntara) #322

I do not recall to have seen you post anything but complaints.
1 complaint is fair when something is broken, but to repeat the same complaint many times just make readers such as I skip your post.
Keep it fair. It seems they have been working on solving the problem (as they said) instead of telling us what we already know (that they are still working on the problem).
The Dev’s always tell us if there is something different to say.
And now back to the game :wink:

(SportBilly) #323

Took over an hour today before both characters started showing anyone in local, corp and private chat, couldn’t even fleet up until characters in the same place. Please revert it back or get this fixed.

(Sylvia Kildare) #324

Maybe so. But if the old chat system was putting undue load on the TQ server, as others have pointed out, move it to its own server but keep it at CCP’s London server HQ, don’t outsource it to Amazon.

Aside from all this mess since the March 2018 changeover with both local chats and all other chat channels, on and off again for 10 months now, we also had the case where all Russian players couldn’t see chat at all due to an Amazon domain being blocked by their government, etc. etc.

Whatever problems the old chat system had, I’ll say one thing for it: it always showed me the same number of people and the same exact names in all 3 of my main toons’ local windows. It never had a problem with people jumping in/out of system, logging in/out… everything was always accurate on both the people list/player count side of the local window… and the text/chat side of the local window.

That went out the window 10 months ago. I hope it comes back in soon, new system or old system or something in between by a month or so from now.

(boernl) #325

i do partly agree to that statement
problem is this is not a new issue and as my experience goes with ccp you have to keep hittign them on the head with a freakign sledgehammer to m ake them udnerstand soemthing is broken
and to get them to put actualy some effort into fixing or band aiding it

(Tau Hopper) #327

For a second you succeeded in making me believe CCP only monitors the cluster 9 to 5, Monday to Friday. Just for a second :wink:

(Sylvia Kildare) #328

Was hoping downtime might (temporarily) fix what ails us… glad to hear it may have at least semi-righted the ship for now. Hoping for more permanent fixes by February. o7

You can fleet up when characters aren’t in the same place without a channel, you know. Just search for your other character using either the old way in people & places (aka bookmarks/contacts/agents window) or using the new search tool in the top left corner of the screen… Then, once you find the character name in the search result, right click -> invite to fleet, wing/squad/commander/member options, etc. Done!

(Sylvia Kildare) #329

I’m sure they do have people at the server datacenter dealie in London 24/7. But the chat service is now hosted by the Amazon cloud. Which is why when it broke down at 3 AM, nothing else in the game was affected… just the chat. No one in London can do anything about that.

And whoever updates the launcher and posts updates to Twitter/EVE Status/etc. like you were saying should have happened, and like I was saying usually does… is likely asleep. Or was 8 hours ago when this started, at least.

CCP Falcon, for instance, hasn’t posted here even though another dev has. Doesn’t that tell you something? Falcon’s busy on his weekend. So were any other devs that update the twitter/launcher, clearly. All in Iceland, not London (or at Amazon HQ in Seattle, WA, USA).

(SportBilly) #330

Normally but the right click function didn’t work either and even when some characters appeared it didn’t function. i logged off and back a few times but got there eventually. dismal state to be in. I have a call logged from over 6 months ago as you also cannot right click and join someone to your own chat channel, it come up with a warning message, still not fixed.

(Sylvia Kildare) #331

Ah, that’s weird. I had 2 toons in HS during this ordeal and 1 toon in a WH, and even though I couldn’t see my WH toon in any channels, I just used the search tool as I described to right click -> invite to fleet on my WH toon (to share standings/LP/etc.) and it worked without a hitch.

If your right click menu on toons in station and/or in search fields wasn’t working… egad… there’s more afoot here than just the chat issues, then.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #332

Someone fed the chat hamsters?

(Tau Hopper) #333

It tells me that, were you right and hypothetically speaking, CCP practices would be really poor compared to all other organizations I’ve worked at where we had to provide a 24/7 service, with support people being on call at all times, etc., to meet the expected service requirements.

(boernl) #334

lets give them a little rest til lchat is srewed up again than we will "pleasure"ccp with a lot of new posts here

(EscobarRN) #335

Do you really think that having a part time support system with no weekend workers is the right way to run a company that provides a 24/7 worldwide service?

you (ccp) officially suck at supporting your playerbase, not one single person in the office over the weekend?

DT fixed the problem, not a Dev or anyone that should have been there to fix the problem, the automated script that reboots the server is more usefull than any staff at the company…

that’s how bad you are……

gimme some details of where to send you this -

hook it up to a server reset script
it’ll make your company so much better

(bloodchow) #336


Now I can safely travel in null, much safer than ever! I hope CCP remove local chat esp in null sec permanently.

(bloodchow) #337

Local chat is not for chatting, it is for spying/stalking other players. CCP did the right thing removing it completely.

(Sasha Viderzei) #338

Must admit, it’s quite funny to see the bot armies getting ripped appart by a solo Stratios in Omist. All those Rattlesnake gone !

I must admit, even if it could just be a bug due to the servers running on raw vodka and shattered dreams, the lack of CCP answer to something as massive… Or even just anything coming from the Community Managers, this could be the dawn of a new era in New Eden : every and each chat beacons are destroyed !

However, even if Local stay down for an unlimited time, it would be nice to get at least corporation channels back. That’s all I’m asking for, since I live in wormholes, it’s not like I care about Local.


(Sasha Viderzei) #339

Damn, apparently it’s back…

(Erstwhile) #340

All chat channels now appear to be experiencing difficulties – occurs on multiple different characters.

Have restarted launcher to no avail.
Have restarted Windows PC to no avail.


(Ellison Onizuka) #341

I’m thinking of uninstalling to see if that helps