Devblog: Update On Chat System Issues


(Bruce Kemp) #342

Yep, CCP nerfed all chat channels. :grin:

(montedis) #343

all busted here.
also cleared cache and rebooted. tried on my laptop and still borked

(Brutal Majority) #344

I have a same problems. :frowning:

(Exploader) #345

This is definitely a server side issue. Me and my friends cannot chat even though I was able to chat fine 2~ hours ago. The may need to do an emergency server maintenance to fix the problem, or some equivalent.

(montedis) #346

yup PVPers are loving it… lol

(Huren Ogeko) #347

The concerning part is that its been hours now since I first seen the problem and I have not see anything to indicate that ccp is even aware of the problem

(montedis) #348

aware or care ???

(Vigilant) #349

Playing another game cause its so broke right now…

(montedis) #350

nah… scanning down drones and MTU’s

(Mina Sebiestar) #351

This happened to me when i was in the middle of hauling very risky load i lost local info all other chat info and my scouting and manual piloting became useless.Further more i start receiving pop up to try to reconnect to chat on 3 of my chars completely blocking game UI and preventing me to click on anything on screen repeatedly until i figured out saying yes to pop-up would continue to block game UI permanently

Question for CCP if i suffered loss due to ganking under this circumstances(sudden and complete game failure) would i be refunded for incurred loss?

Feel free to send me 1-2mill SP as sorry for museum grade game engine.

(montedis) #352

goog luck with that :smiley:

(montedis) #353

seems local may have come back in some manner… although same people have been in the last 3 systems with me… so not considered reliable

(montedis) #354

still seems borked

(Solonius Rex) #355

Cool story bro.

(Solonius Rex) #356

Okai, thanks for the update.

(Solonius Rex) #357

Lemme post once more just for fun.

(Onictus) #358

I must say I am enjoying no local low sec.

CCP just leave it like this please and thank you

(Aetrid) #359

On the game launcher:

(NizzER World) #360

at least jita local is crystal clean and you won`t see any scammers there

(Arthur Aihaken) #361

Remove local already and let’s get rid of the bots.