Did I get a Skill Book in Daily Rewards?

Did I get a skill book in my Daily Rewards or did I imagine it? I thought I redeemed it, but I see it nowhere… Maybe I was imagining, maybe I didn’t get it. It’s not injected into my skills…

Auto redeemed into your brain

Check skill list under Peww Pew Skills

I did. I see the skill, but I still need to buy a skill book it says when I try to train it :frowning:

Huh wierd. I applied mine ok. Though, this is the base weapon skill they gave us today, not the Small Weapon skill,

Theres a base skill, then you need Small, Medium then Large after to use the weapon, maybe some sort of confusion there?

It bings a notification to remind you of unspent SP.

Nobody seems to check their brain first these days (that applies to many things).

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It’s very interesting that there’s even a base weapon skill for this new ship line… there was no base weapon skill for trig superlasers. Hm. But yeah, logging in now and just saw all the skillbooks for omega during this latest of login campaigns. Wild.

They need sponges to absorb all the excess skillpoints they are giving away.

Actually most of the gunnery skills are repeated for the new Vorton weapons. The one you got today is equivalent to rapid fire. There are mirrors of most of the others, too (that you’re not getting for free).

It means your existing gunnery skills probably won’t apply to Vorton weapons.

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Correct, and it’s a bit shitty in my opinion… - just a bunch of SP sinks to encourage Injector use - sad

Voltron Projecter Operation is literally a pointless SP sink skill - it serves no other purpose that to force you to spend SP in order to reach each gun level - small/medium/large

Voltron Extension = Sharpshooter
Voltron Power Amplification = Surgical strike

Imagine having to train surgical strike for every gun type… the future is bright:

New ships (will need extended skill ranges/duplication) New Weapons (will need extended weapon skills/duplication) — taken right out of the Whaling guide to Mobile Games - sheesh

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Question: if the new lightning skills had been moved to a separate (new) skill tree section, to make them wholly independent (as Gunnery and Missile skills are), would this have been less frustrating? Because it sort of feels like that was the intent but since they use turret hardpoints (assumption on my part - can they even be fit on non-EDENCOM ships?) they didn’t go about actually sorting them into a separate weaponry class to be distinct from turret-class weapons.

I think they should have just gone all-in and truly split them off if they aren’t turret weapons benefiting from turret skills, and added hardpoints appropriately to all existing hulls that should be able to use the weapons. Move the precursor skills, too, and assign them the same ‘new’ hardpoint class for balancing, since the precursor weapons really aren’t turrets, either. This not-really-turrets-but-in-turret-tree thing is goofy af.

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Can Alphas train zap guns?

No, Omegas only.

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Interesting. Thanks!

I was pretty exited EvE was getting Vorlon ships…then re-read it and realised it was Vorton weapons… #sadpanda


Vorlon weapons tho



We are all Kosh.


Well, except Darlo.

He’s more Zathras.


Korean MMO design in full power.



LOL, I did read it the same first time, then seen its actually some Vorton. Voltron may be trademarked.

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