Did I lose my Dread or will it still be there after shutdown?

So I decided to take my ride out for a spin to collect a few tags from the Large Faction Warfare site today and was heading out for the 3rd time when all of a sudden I was set upon by these 4 drifter thugs.

The kind that had once ganked my rookie ship many moons ago outside a high sec gate.

So I decided to throw my Lily (Phoenix) into high gear and had only enough time to pop one of those drifter scum before shutdown.

I looted some computer mainframes and aligned to dock when all of a sudden the connect was lost.

Please share your concerns about my Dread named Lily.


If they don’t scram your ship will try to warp of to safe spot. If it will manage to do that in time, it will be removed from space there when all timers will go to 0.


All is well, I logged in just now to find her waiting for me after she had scared those Lancers off.

I plan to bring her treats from Jita like a shiny module.


Gratz on surviving, course when the server shuts down, so do the NPC’s.

The thread linked below has a detailed account of what happens during a disconnect when the server is active.



Fortune smiles upon you- and Lily.

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  1. Is there no 5-minute countdown to downtime for you? Are there no previous “X amount of time before shutdown” warnings?

  2. Isn’t downtime usually around the same time each day?

I’m afraid I have very few concerns about your dread. The pilot on the other hand…You sure you’re ready to be flying a dread?


This thread bores me

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How about the ending of that chapter? Were you able to view?

Agreed. I feel like this is a case where someone’s Credit Card was waved long and hard at PLEX and Skill Injectors, until they were able to fly a big shiny ship b/c “bigger is obviously better”. And they really don’t have a clue how to even play the game.

-1 Dread

I like your fitting. :rofl:

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It was safe, but now that everyone has a screenshot of you, your fit, and the system/area it might not be :):laughing:

Not enough drake

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