Did this game used to have this, or is it my memory being faulty?

I remember trying to play this game a really long time ago, and getting scared off by the intro of it. I remember having to build a ship from a bunch of different parts before even being allowed to leave a station. Is it just my memory or is it just so long ago everyone I ask doesn’t know?

Not sure but if so I would assume this game will still scare you.

Yes, OP. Your memory is pretty good. You also got to build a machine. But as my memory is not as good as yours, I don’t remember exactly what it did. Maybe a time machine?

Since roughly 2008, maybe '07, I’ve never seen something like this.

The “Career Agents” do have a step where they require you to use a blueprint and gather some minerals (usually by mining ore and processing it), to build a ship to hand in to resolve the mission.

The blueprints are given to you, the process isn’t that complex, IIRC there’s only 1-3 types of minerals involved and they’re not hard to get. Not sure when the career agents got added with that ship building step, maybe around 2011 ish?

However you always started with a ship, and there has never been a need to build a ship “from a bunch of different parts” before undocking from station. That sounds a little more Star Control - ish to me.

It sounds like you’re describing “fitting” a ship with different modules.

Yes, I believe he is and yes, you still have to. “But” now there is a lot more info on how to do it. The NPE (New Player Experience) is much better now. Just Google eve ship fitting and you should have no problem figuring it out! :smiley:


Mate, your link’s ■■■■■■ up. Posting Google’s search result links is always bad.
I believe you wanted to link us where this points to?

Yep: perpetuum mobile

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Was it that intro?
Or maybe this:

This one have horror like feeling.

Or maybe you played Homeworld? :thinking:

My bad then. I was just trying to show how many different articles there are on the subject.

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Hm. Mine’s this:


Much shorter than yours. Weird.

You can always shorten it to only the relevant parts:


I hope it helps for the future. :slight_smile:

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