Please Help!
I Fitted my ship with Mining equipment in the top slots but after arriving at the asteroid to mine. I only have the guns. What am I doing wrong. This is day four for me and it’ very frustrating.

take a screenshot? your fit shouldn’t change depending on where you are

Maybe he was in simulation mode?


That would seem most likely.

OP, simulation mode is a useful tool for seeing what you can fit to your ship, but it won’t actually change what is fitted to your ship unless you specifacally tell it to…which is a good thing.

Yes, EvE can certainly be frustrating and a bit overwhelming at first (at least it was for me) but stick with it and soon it will not be as much.

Welcome aboard! o7

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Words of wisdom. Don’t let the complexity get you down. Let us know what you find and we’ll try to help you out! :smiley:

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Well now even more fun. I tried to start this morning and now EVE does not recognize my account. To log into this forum I was force to use a new password. Now is not letting me log in. More FRUSTRATION !!!
I think I was the first to fall off the cliff, or maybe I jumped?

With your email address, usually there’s a two way authentication. Did you check your spam folder?

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