Difference between level 3 and 4 missions

The missions I do at l say level 3, will they be exactly the same at lvl 4 but with bigger ships, identical tactics being used?

no. It depends.

do the L4s at your own pace. They are much harder than L3s in general, though some are easier.

If you start, snipping is the way because you lack the tanking power ; but remember, it’s more fun to go in all personal , so you should not skill for a long term weak sniper.


This resource helps figuring them out faster and preparing accordingly to minimize the risks involved:



There are a lot of similarities. Generally, if your tactics for Level 3 missions are sound then they will work in Level 4 missions. But you will need a bigger tank and to do more damage - so initially you’ll be needing to modify your approach.
So, yes, sort of, but no.

The incoming damage will be a lot higher, so you will need to learn managing the targets so you don’t trigger all the spawns at once - unless of course you have the tank to handle it.

As @Anderson_Geten says, sniping is a good early tactic, a Micro Jump Drive can help - the range gives you a respite from taking damage: repair and recharge capacitor as they start towards you. Take your time, get used to what you are facing. Don’t be afraid to step away somewhere safe then warp back to the mission if you think you are getting swamped.
If you are already a sniper, then carry on. If you are a brawler/knife fighter then you are going to need to adapt your approach.

One challenge is as you move to large weapons, hitting smaller ships with meaningful damage becomes more difficult than it was with medium weapons. Light drones, and engaging small ships at range helps.
It’s the smaller ships that are going to web you and generally cause you grief. The big stuff is attritional grind. Dismantle them as they try the same in you.

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Whats the ships(s) being run?

If T3c yeah…its the same. If not using speed and sig start to. Worked well rat BS damage drops.

Gun BS’s…you’d adjust some things. Mediums on cruisers can hit small stuff okay. Going to large weapons you need to do some things. Things like try to target and blap at longer range. 20+ kms most rats do straightline flight. Easier hits.

This would be your “blap” range, 20+kms. Cruisers will start to orbit less than 20 kms’. Means tracking games.

Frigates tend to orbit and play tracking games around 10 km or less. Personally I target frigs in BS" first to blap them. IF they get close then I drone them. As someone mentioned they usually carry the bad stuff like webs and maybe even tackle some missions.

You can also run missions on sisi (test server) for practice.

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pretty much this and dont try the anomic missions as a beginner.

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Thanks, totally forgot about the test server.

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Eve-Survival was already listed, that’s the site you want. The scope of difficulty of level 4 has a greater range than that of level 3’s, and a few of them overlap in difficulty. Make sure you get the faction correct when you read the pages. Especially Guristas.

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