Difference in specs?

Recently watched Acefaces video “Reliable 110mil/h T4 Abyss high-sec” in which he is using a passive gila fit. The fit has 84km drone control range and ~430 drone dps. I decided to give it a shot but I notice that with the same fit I get almost twice as low drone control range and dps. Tried to look trough the skills, what skills might make such difference, but I have my doubts that skills are the problems here. What is the reason to such difference? Did CCP nerfed some skills or the modules at some point, since the video was released 2 years ago?

You are obviously missing skills/skillbooks, see the orange marker in your shot?
Assume Acefacey has max skills in all aspects.


that one skill that I need is for the drone link augmentor and even with all the skills is it really possible to get such specs, twice more dps and range?

Drone Navigation
Advanced Drone Avionics

Drone Interfacing (this used to double damage on its own, now it’s only 50%)
Medium Drone Operation
Caldari Drone Specialization

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dude … you have Caldari Cruiser on 3 …
go and skill at first and then try to ■■■■ around

btw your drone skills maybe same ■■■■ as your caldari cruiser skill
missile skills maybe are the same low skill lvl as everything else



OP, if you want to check for yourself what the stats would look like with perfect skills, install pyfa, import the fit into the app, and use the character “All 5”. You could also import your character into pyfa and tweak the ship and module skills to see how they affect each stat.

Generally: The more expensive the ship, the better you should be skilled. A lost Caracal is much better than a lost Gila.

Another hint regarding DPS: You have to make sure that the strongest drones are marked as active in your simulation (in case you have different sorts of drones in your hold).

Did @Aceyfacey mention implants?
And are you using the same scripts(if any were used) and the same ammo/drones that give the best dps?

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