Different Warpgates for different empires?

Did they update the model or do different warpgates appear in different empire space?

They’ve had different warpgates for different empires/regions for at least a year now (how long I’ve been playing) and I’m certain it’s been that way for much longer.

Each race has always had a few warp gate types deployed within their own regions.

There have been different warp gates for as long as I have played.

Also there are different sizes. A regional gate (one that for example jumps you from The Forge to The Citadel regions) is larger than the ones used between systems in the same region.

Not always, way back there was only one gate type per empire and it was not unusual to see Amarr gates in Minmatar space for instance.

Then CCP introduced racial gates and I think it was slightly after that they introduced specific system, constellation and region gate types.

Dont forget There are also pirate gates too!!!

In my bio in game you can find links for gates (use shift-click to open new info tab). There are 16 different empire gate models, each empire has a system, a constellation, a region and a border gate.

There are also acceleration gates. Not that impressive.

They added Resource Wars acceleration gates, those are quite impressive, but you cant view the model from info window though.


I love the new RW acceleration gates.

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