"Diplomacy is the art

… of saying ‘nice dog’ until you find a bigger stick."

The Imperial Navy and Republic Fleet have raised their alert status to the highest levels short of outright wartime. Diplomats and CONCORD officials are understood to be urgently establishing multilateral lines of communication in an effort to avoid the situation tipping over into a wider interstellar conflict beyond the militia warzone.


It would seem the entire cluster has grown weary of the proxy wars and the powers-that-be have decided to do away with the charade and lunge at each other’s throats once more.

I wonder who stands to benefit from the mass destabilization of the central powers.


Me? I do. I stand to benefit.

Or…”of letting somebody else have your way.”

The outers one? Imagine the falling of the CONCORD assembly and the en masse invasion of the Imperium (or any coalition located in Nullsec)

Uhm… no. Let’s put this to bed once and for all:

The Nullsec powers cannot, even if they all combined their efforts, offer a credible assault on highsec.

We can’t. The smallest of the Signatories possess a supercapital fleet that could utterly devastate the combined fleets of nullsec. 3,000 nullsec titans trying to attack highsec would mean 3000 dead nullsec titans. Moreover, the Signatories control the cynosural infrastructure of their systems, we cannot even begin to target it. And the highsec gates don’t allow capital transits. So we can’t get anything bigger than a battleship into highsec to begin with.

Really, the nullsec boogeyman is nonsense. Stop imagining that we’d have a snowball’s chance on Turnur I of attacking highsec, even if CONCORD were to collapse and none of the Signatories were willing to assist one another. It will not happen. It cannot. It’s like speculating that with Mittens retired, LUMEN will now take over all of nullsec. The difference in power is that extreme.


That’s why this shouldn’t be enough for a next invasion. Now that all powers are basically in war (more openly than before), they will start to weaken each other until all the powers are basically collapsed. At that point anyone can invade the “Not-anymore-big 4” systems, even if the stargates will restrict any ship class you have in mind.

Again, no. You have no idea what you’re talking about. The level of bloodletting that would require would mean the empires would need to keep fighting an all-out war despite trillions of dead in each of them.

There is absolutely no way that either the Federation nor the Empire continue to prosecute that kind of war in the face of those kinds of losses. The State and Republic? In that situation, they’re fighting wars of survival, so of course they’ll keep fighting. They won’t have a choice if the Expansionist powers keep coming. But they won’t keep coming. Not if they’re taking that bad a beating. Because neither one will allow itself to undergo the complete economic collapse such a course would engender.

And all of that assumes a no-holds-barred war that somehow maintains a complete stalemate, which also won’t happen. One side or the other will develop an advantage, and press that advantage against the weak point on the other side. So the losses won’t be even. If the Federation is pushed to the point of economic collapse, it’s a sure bet the Empire isn’t, and vice versa.

There is no scenario where governments that manage to successfully administrate the economic, social, and military complexity of any of the Yulai Signatories prove incompetent enough to drive their nations into the level of complete structural collapse it would take for the nullsec coalitions’ combined might of fewer than a quarter-million capsuleers to credibly threaten nations of trillions.


But this being wouldn’t be much surprised if those governments aren’t competent anymore about managing social, military and/or economic aspects. Furthermore he’s imaginating a more extreme situation where basically the civilization in hisec is gone.

Do you understand that that would require the sudden and inexplicable loss of competence of hundreds of thousands of people in each of those four administrative frameworks? In chains of command that are redundant and mutually-isolated? Simultaneously, and without anyone noticing?

Do you realize that if that were to happen, interstellar shipping coordination within each of the impacted nations would quickly break down, including food and basic consumer necessities? That the level of breakdown you ‘wouldn’t be much surprised’ by would preclude exactly the kind of war you’re envisioning, because nobody would be able to get their fleets going anywhere due to the breakdowns in logistical capability?

Like I said: not going to happen. See my earlier response for why even completely unrestricted warfare would never achieve that.

Don’t you think that these things could happen in a day or two… neither in a decade or a century. But you can’t be certain at 100% that a thing can or can’t happen. There’s always a 0,001%, deeper or low. Absurd or not, it’s not impossible, nor highly probable.


The chances of it happening are so low as to require more time to occur than proton decay. No. It will not happen. Can it happen? In a theoretically-infinite universe, sure, all things are possible by random chance. Will it happen, here, in this cluster of New Eden? No.

New Eden IS in a theoretically-infinite universe.

But New Eden itself is not theoretically-infinite. It is very decidedly finite, being a fairly dense star cluster only 110LY across.

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And then there’s nothing more than those stars!?

May I suggest that if you two want to wax philosophical about the nature of the universe and the finiteness or lack there-of of known space, maybe this thread is not the time or the place? Make another?

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“…of saying as little as possible, especially when speaking”?

The problem with dogs is they tend to steal the stick…


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