Turnur is turning

Just a friendly reminder that all pure and loyal servants of the throne in the Amarr militia who hold properties or assets in the Turnur system may wish to consider relocating their property and human livestock with haste, as the system’s star seems to be growing increasingly unstable.

Local pirates, minmatar, and heretics are invited to enter the Turnur system and warp to the star at 0. I’m told that there really isn’t an alloy in existence that can resist its radiant glare, and so it might be of use in bleaching your sinful nature from your treacharous hearts. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about though. These planets are all protected by “treaties”… and stuff… Can’t even do an orbital bombardment these days without concord getting involved. I’m sure absolutely nothing bad will happen in Turnur. Fake news :slight_smile:


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