Direction finder: Classifications and types

Direction finder
Each of us has ever experienced using a direction finder.
This device seems to us so ordinary and simple that we do not attach much importance to how much this is a powerful and useful tool in the world of EVE online.
But what if we take a closer look at the details?
We all know what a great variety of ships are used in the New Eden, each of which is unique in its own way.
How about a direction finder? How much would the game process change if each type of ship had its own characteristics in radio equipment?
Let’s imagine: a research frigate traveling around the world of New Eden uses a direction finder with a range of 24 AU . What do you think? Would this be a worthy bonus for a ship with very little protection? Undoubtedly, having a more powerful radio equipment, the capsule can protect itself from unexpected guests long before they even realize that a small boat is engaged in research.

Imagine the situation with you when you fly on a large warship with many rocket launchers surrounded by force fields. Due to the strong interference of the on-board systems and the active swap of the shield, it should be concluded that the sensitivity of your radio equipment is reduced. The direction finder now works only in the radius of 5.5 AU . Yes, and why, such a heavily armed ship to worry over long distances.

You feel how the mechanics of the game have already changed with such a seemingly small tool as a direction finder.

Write to me what you think about this and how you think how deep the space of New Eden seemed to you, having such a difference between the classes of ships EVE Online

Large sub cap ships already have issues in the meta. There is no need to make it worse by introducing another thing small ships excel at.

i think the problem you will face is rooted in Player dogma more than mechanics (think black out)
there is defiantly room for improvement in this area but how it is approached and implemented will be the big debate.

i would propose the following:

  • the on-board scanner would be renamed to “Aperture scanner”. it would have an omni-directional function at 14AU Max range.

  • omni directional results would only show celestial, beacons, and hull type (frigate, Cruiser, Battle ship Ect… as it doe now)

  • Add a skill for beam refinement (changes scan aperture limits)

  • Add a skill for improving range (to a max of 14AU at max skills/no hull bonus)

  • Add a skill for scan strength (better strength provides better classifications, distance to entity)

Scan aperture: this is the cone that you are able to scan within. there would be predefined aperture settings (180, 90,30 Ect) but better skill would allow you to further improve those margins with max skills allowing for a 1% increments in the aperture window.

Scan Range: as it is stated. with better skills you will be able to obtain results at a longer range using the refined scanning interface (max skill would allow the "aperture scanning at a range of 14AU)

Scan strength: this would dictate what range window you are given for any non static entity.
the skill would also allow you to refine the ship class and type IDs.
EG: with the omni-directional scanner you will be “battleship” on the scan, with the directed scanner and a skill level of, say “3”, you will see “gallente Battleship - Megathron”. with a skill level of 5 you would see “ship name also”

  • with this change we would also add a scan signature for Wreck fields (the more wrecks on the grid, the better scan strength - there would also need to be a minimum limit for wrecks to generate a signature, player ship wrecks would count as a field) NOTE that any grid that also contains a mission/Site the wrecks would not be scannable due to interference from the Deadspace pocket.

We could add bonus base range (in the hull) to some ship types. (scanning frigates, Recon, SOE ships, and Super capitals <- this due to ship size and sheer amount of available space for advanced systems onbord) this would allow those hulls to exceed the 14AU limit with the Aperture scanner up to a suitable and balanced range

A change like this would be preferable, adding a level of player skill to the use of the current directional scanner without removing the core functionality of the directional scanner its self.

however as i stated to begin with the core of the issue for any Intel gathering change will be the player base and its dogmatic view on what any given tool should provide and at what cost/investment.

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