Dirt 'n' Glitter Presents - Eve Lincoln 2

Ladies and Gentlenerds,

The local sperging Amarr FW bads, Dirt ‘n’ Glitter are proud to present

EVE Lincoln 2 on Saturday 25/04/20 starting at 15:00

Wetherspoons, The Square Sail, Brayford Wharf North, Lincoln LN1 1YW

For more details or to request a drunk nerd to meet you on arrival, join the #eve_lincoln channel on DNG discord. https://discord.gg/GDQGdXs

Thats a interesting argument but if CCP wants to save EVE from the current record low server population they need to adjust how they moderate the game.

For the last five years they have applied liberal PC culture to the sandbox and the result was a purge of more the 30k accounts. Those accounts were the personalities and content generators that made the game enjoyable\successful.

No new patches or changes will change these dwindling numbers.

Unban the player base and relax the moderation so that players can be free to engage.

I have it on no authority what so ever that if you can drink more than the dng members can, ccp will fix everything.


What players are you refering to?

get ur sambucas ready

All none bot related bans being pardoned would flood the server with content only pre-2013 players experienced.

The noobs deserve content

Un-neuter the sand box


What bans and players are you refering to?

All non bot related bans sense 2013.


So people who threaten to kill you IRL, people podding day 1 pilots in a nooby system, etc etc then.

All non bot related bans sense 2013…

I cant be more clear then this.

From the sound of it you are a proponent of PC culture and ultra liberalism that has rotted every community it comes in contact with. You SJWs are the problem.

Im not and SJW. But your making a blanket statment which goes against reason. But then again your a troll thats your purpose i suppose.

Please note the venue has changed due the the original one closing.

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