Disagreeing is ignorance

Hello gamer, you can always find a reason to disagree with someone and when you do they will never be like “You disagree, i will change my mind then.” Instead what happens is that you and this person will spend their time trying to convince each other how wrong they are. Until one of you leaves and then a couple days later the cycle repeats. Noone learns anyhting and both parties wasted their time as well. Over and over.

That is not to say forums and comments sections are useless. For example you can share info or you can ask questions. So whenever you disagree with someone, ask questions, be curious. One of two things will happen. Either he is like i didnt think about that, or he delivers some great answers and you actually learn something? Thats a win win? So thats why disagreeing with someone is stupid and asking even simple questions even if you think you know the answer, seems better. Thats all. Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

A third option is he just spouts inane nonsense, until you let him know that you disagree.


How do you know if something is inane nonesense tho?

I’m not inane.


"Disagreeing is stupid":smile: “You MUST agree with me!! How dare you…”


Do you suffer from narcissistic personality disorder?


I’m not inane.

How do you know?

Disagreeing is stupid. Ask questions, be curious instead.

Ftfy :slight_smile:

if you want that all ppl aggree with your ideas then yes, it would be useless because your ideas are bad ideas wich would destroy the game instead of helping the game ! and you want that other ppl agree with you that you destroy the game we all like ?

this is incredibly ignorant behavior


As long as you disagree and reply faster than 60 seconds it doesn’t count.

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1/10 on the Shrek scale.



No, that’s a stupid approach. Most questions have been asked for the umpteenth time and there is simply no reason to be curious about something that has been proven to be bad or good while the other side claims this something is good or bad. It’s a waste of time and it’s much more productive to shut down dumb ideas right of the bat instead of engaging with clueless, learning resistant or otherwise ignorant people.

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What is the alternative?

it’s much more productive to shut down dumb ideas

Isnt that what happens when you humbly question them?

he answered it … you need to read a post until its finished !

no, if you approche learning resistant and ignorant people you need to destroy their “alternate facts” and at some point the will ignore you because they arent strong enough to withstand you :wink:

This implies that someone who disagree with you is wrong. This is delusion.

OK so let’s stop the lies : this thread is about OP who want to force his idea through sheer spam. He does not care if his idea is good or not. He just want to obtusely force it, in any thread he derails it. and then he tries to justify his attitude with whatever stupid series of word he can come up with.

I don’t like OP’s idea but this has nothing to do with how insulting his attitude is. He doesn’t respect peoples’ discussions, should not expect his ideas to be respected.


If im the bad guy who are the good guys? :slight_smile:

nobody said your a “bad guy” … most ppl just said your the guy with the nonsense ideas with will lead in a non healthy game !

Actually, life is more complex than that dichotomy good guy/bad guy.

We are all evil, to some extent. There is no absolute, only graduations.

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Just gonna throw this out there and probably call it a day. There might be so many bad guys that looking like the good guy is easy. But you will never know except in retrospect who the good guys truly was.

Here we go again.