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Yes…we had the pleasure of welcoming 2 new members last night. And we are looking for more guy’s and girls to join us.
So if you’re looking for a friendly, social nullsec corp, check us out.

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Weekend is waiting for us. As is Christmas and the season days. Time to spend with family. Or hang out with friends in RL or in Eve. If you look for a corp, come check us out.
Discoverings has opened its door for new members. Please do check out our website.

There you can read what we are all about.

We do have some requirements though:

•Mandatory Discord use whilst a member
•Above all else, be willing to make an effort with social interaction with the corporation
•A minimum of 15Mil SP. **

(**Though we’d like to take everyone whatever their ability, we are still relatively small and would not have the resources to mentor complete new bros hence the required skill points required. )

To apply to join please complete the membership registration here (“Apply Today”), and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Discord to chat with us to learn more.

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