Discover more of EVE with Discoverings EU/US Null Sec Corp RL & Family Friendly

Discoverings is a Corporation in the Goonswarm Federation (The biggest Alliance in Eve) that enjoys all facets of gameplay in Eve, from anom running, to ratting, exploration, mining, industry, PVP, large-scale warfare, roaming, small-gangs and more. Please do check out our website.

Our core principles are relaxed, fun, enjoyable and fair gameplay through all extents of the game where they create maximum enjoyment for all involved. Members lean towards ‘light and fun’ game styles where fun and laughter is more common than tears or frustration; but not always the case!

Facilities offered by the Corp include but are not limited to;

•Relaxed, chilled gameplay
•Teamwork towards a common goal whilst maximising individual aspirations
•Friendly, relaxed and inclusive agenda within the Corp
•Fleet supported and boosted mining operations; naturally!
•Effective Corp Tax Rate to achieve our mutual goals
•Solid Discord server setup keeping us all in touch both socially and functionally
•Family Friendly and Real Life Friendly
•Experienced and knowledgeable leadership team


•Mandatory Discord use whilst a member
•Above all else, be willing to make an effort with social interaction with the corporation
•A minimum of 15Mil SP. **

(**Though we’d like to take everyone whatever their ability, we are still relatively small and would not have the resources to mentor complete new bros hence the required skill points required. )

To apply to join please complete the membership registration here (“Apply Today”), and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Discord to chat with us to learn more.

Fly safe or die gloriously


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Fun is the most import part of Discoverings, having fun mining, roaming, ratting, gate-camping or just chatting on Discord …. fun as a group. We encourage participation on comms to help build and grow the corp. If that is something that appeals to you come and have a chat :smiley:

Don’t forget our regular welp roams and fun fleets we do besides all the big alliance fleets!

As Sonorr (our beloved CEO) pointed out, we don’t care about killboards in Discoverings. We often take out a fleet with no expectations of bringing it back intact. If we get kills and the fleet survives it’s a bonus! :smiling_imp:

So if keeping your killboard green is a must then we aren’t the corp for you but if having fun, laughing so hard on comms your sides ache when things go wrong and generally joining in a friendly atmosphere then please come and have a chat.

The corp is a good place to grow even if it is just a solo miner in a barge or a couple of them. The members of the corp are willing to offer help on what they know best and if they do not know it they will point you to the right person to talk to in corp or right resource. There are no limits on what members can do to try and make the game what they want it to be for them.

We like challenges in Discoverings and to this end after a bit of drunken banter on comms one evening a challenge was set …… and last night we anchored it! OK there may be lots already in Delve, ours being the 31st*, but for a corp of our size to pull together and achieve this goal in a few short months is pretty incredible.

So if you like the idea of setting a tough challenge and actually achieving it then come and have a chat, we have some more big goals planned in the future.

*If you don’t know what it was the 31st of best come and have a chat! :slight_smile:

Are you in need of a change? Have you never tried null-sec? Do you want to learn more about this wonderful game? Why not come have a chat with us and make the jump to null for fun, fights and financial increasement …… :sunglasses:

So proud of all this corp has accomplished – great group of folks always willing to pull together! Come join us!

We are now having our very own Keepstar - built driven completely by the corp members!

If you want to be part of it, take a look at our website or swing by our Discord.

If you ever have an idea that seems crazy to do well this is the corp to do it in. Want to mine only velspar in a Rorq? Want to build a Keepstar by your self mostly? Go for it no one will stop you in fact the corp will offer any help that is need to do what you want to try (except mining velspar no one has actually wanted to do that). But that doesnt mean we will stop you.

As TheFallenCrow said - we will always support you in your crazy ideas - and will probably join you in blowing ships up while doing it. We have lots of fun blowing ships up together - be it our own or our enemies’ ships.

Though we like blowing things up we also have corp events where we hope not to be blown up! We will often have corp mining and ratting events for both the social and economic aspect of the event.

Want to fly on big fleets?
Chew a few rocks?
Kill some NPC’s?
We have you covered!

We never really have CTAs or Red Pens as a corp, we find we don’t need to as there are always plenty of people ready and willing to help. Tonight for example we needed to move corp assets across several systems, we asked for help and a large number showed up in freighters (and a couple of those big ships for bridging :wink: ) The move op was finished in no time. So if you’d like to be with a group of friendly helpful people come and have a chat.

It’s Monday …… argh, for a lot of people the beginning of another week of struggling to stay entertained at work. Don’t make EVE feel the same, a struggle to keep you entertained in your free time. Come and talk to a corp where someone is always ready to go have some fun with you, whether it is ratting, mining or roaming for a fight. We even have people that find PI or industry fun and will enjoy great discussions with you if that’s your thing ………

And should - by any chance - PI or industry not sound fun to you - we allways have a few guys that will fleet up for a roam or have big alliance-level fleets going out!

Well, well, well,… It has been a while since I posted something in a old thread. A new one has started so it is time to show my face around. If there are some typo´s, excuse me, I am starting the weekend a bit earlier and been drinking some IPA´s…:beers:
As everyone else already mentioned and wrote al those nice things and stuff we do. In short is my message is, if your looking for all that and a social, friendly, relaxed corp, come have a chat with us, talk and listen on Discord how we like. And then decide, no obligations.

btw, looking for more bro´s and sisters from the Pacific TZ , well, from all over the :world_map:
Everyone is welcome to apply.

To give you all an idea how how we take this game very seriously, especially when going on roams, here are some some qoutes:

“We will be going for a roam, may the Dear Lord help us.!!”
“don’t expect to come home, pod express is the norm.”
"If you don’t want to or can’t afford to have your ship turn into space junk DON’T bring it (whelping is 99.9% guaranteed)."

So yes, fun to be had, losses will happen, but all can be gained again. This is EVE after all.

Please do check out our website.
To apply to join please complete the membership registration here (“Apply Today”), and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Discord to chat with us to learn more.

I am interested in joining, Just returning to eve from a very long break (about two years). I have 30mil SP I have SP everywhere (16mil between spaceship command, navigation, and engineering) . I used to do a lot of hauling.

Just looking for a group of extraordinary Gentlemen who understand that family and RL do come first but still like to work together when they are online. I have 4 different toons, 1 is Combat spec, one is industry spec.

Let me know :slight_smile:

Forgot to add, I am currently in what was at the time, one of the fastest aligning Indy ships in the game :slight_smile: cloaky bugger was quik lol

also I am currently alpha but do plan on upgrading if I can find a home

@ JD_Barret thank you for replying

Hop on our Discord and we can have a chat. And we can see were we go from there. No strings attached :slight_smile:

And yes, it is weekend again, at last…time to play and have fun.
But we did had fun last night. We had again one of our corp roams and we died with honour. But…, boy oh boy, we had some good fun killing ships and then we got whelped by the BRAVE guy’s. A lot of :fireworks: was the result. And our opponents must have tought those DISCO guy’s must be :crazy_face:crazy…

Rumours are, we might do it again… so watch out there in Catch…DISCO is coming soon in a system near to you…

If you to know more about us or join our corp, check us out, on the website or come over on Discord. :studio_microphone::headphones: