Discover more of EVE with Discoverings EU/US Null Sec Corp RL & Family Friendly

Discoverings is a Corporation in Goonswarm Federation (The biggest Alliance in Eve) that enjoys all facets of gameplay in Eve, from anom running, to ratting, exploration, mining, industry, PVP, large-scale warfare, roaming, small-gangs and more. Please do check out our website.
Our core principles are relaxed, fun, enjoyable and fair gameplay through all extents of the game where they create maximum enjoyment for all involved. Members lean towards ‘light and fun’ game styles where fun and laughter is more common than tears or frustration; but not always the case!
Facilities offered by the Corp include but are not limited to;

  • Relaxed, chilled gameplay
  • Teamwork towards a common goal whilst maximising individual aspirations
  • Friendly, relaxed and inclusive agenda within the Corp
  • Fleet supported and boosted mining operations; naturally!
  • Effective Corp Tax Rate to achieve our mutual goals
  • Solid Discord server setup keeping us all in touch both socially and functionally
  • Family Friendly and Real Life Friendly
  • Experienced and knowledgeable leadership team
  • Mandatory Discord use whilst a member
  • Above all else, be willing to make an effort with social interaction with the corporation

To apply to join please complete the membership registration here add your api and validate api ownership (well you use your EVE login now), then fill out the application form here and await further instructions from our team or swing by our Discord to chat with us to learn more.

Fly safe or die gloriously


It can be a big challenge if you have never been in a corp before, that first attempt at making contact. We have many people who have been nervous talking to a faceless person across the internet but you soon overcome that initial fear and join in. So come and have a chat with one of our recruiters on our Discord and see how much fun we have.

Discoverings is a social corp, many members have been with us for years and some only months but we all get on comms to chat even when enjoying other games or just relaxing. (I didn’t know there were other games … :thinking: ). Some of our US members actually met in RL not long ago and the EU/UK contingent plan a gathering shortly as well.

So if you are interested in a corp where EVE is the main focus but friendship and fun are high on the agenda as well, look no further.

As a corp we enjoy most of what there is to offer in EVE. There are lots of miners (you know, as we are Goons and it’s Delve), ratters, explorers, industrialists and all. We also have fun with corp based actives, which we have quite a few planned.

As the title says … Discover more of EVE with Discoverings!

As part of our corp activities we took out a nice array of shiny battle ships on a roam over the weekend. Alas the rest of EVE was too busy hiding from us for many kills to be had this time but will still had fun!

We do have other events planned, some aimed at helping the corp grow and others just for laughs. Why not come by and have a chat with one of our recruiters and see if you’d fit our relaxed and social style of play.

Strat Op (Strategic Objective), CTA (Call to Arms) or Red Pen! “Boo” …. I hear you cry!

One question anyone joining a nullsec corp always asks is do I have to go on alliance or coalition fleets? The answer is simply yes (but keep reading it isn’t that bad!). The alliance only survives where it is because we all pull together to keep ours and our neighbouring space stable and safe.

Don’t worry in Discoverings we don’t expect you to jump on every fleet going, none of us would have any fun and this wonderful game would turn into a second job! Let’s face it most of us dislike working in our first job so having another job …… yikes, no way.

All we ask is you try and get on four strategic fleets a month, that’s not too bad. If you are dual boxing that’s only two actual fleets (We were double PAPed in one fleet last month, four PAPs \o/)! Not all fleets are the huge tidi engagements either, some can actually be fun! You can also earn Strat PAPs in other ways as well to help keep us in the good books of the alliance.

Don’t let the idea of Strat Ops/CTAs put you off nullsec life, come and have a chat and see how much fun we really have.

Are you hiding in high sec, lounging in low sec or just bored of EVE? Why not come and discover where the fun is



It’s Saturday again and our recruiters are bored.
So come on cannofodder, erhmmm I ment honourable future corpmembers, and have a chat with the recruiters on Discord. ( link in the first post)

@Mukk_Spredda: used my style heh, “Discover Discoverings” :smile::smile:

So are you thinking to live in Nullsec but have doubts?? Come have a chat.

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It’s Friday afternoon (well it is in the EU TZ at the time of writing!) and you are eager for the weekend to arrive and dive into EVE, except your corp is stale, hardly anyone logs in and those that do aren’t on comms. …Sigh … Why not make that move you been wanting to do for a while and come and talk to us, Discoverings! We are fun corp with miners, PvEers and PvPers, industrialists and explorers. We are a real friendly bunch with lots of chatter on comms and there is always someone around happy to go hunting through space for some excitement. You can also often find someone in game at most times of the day though we are EU and US TZ mainly.

As a corp we like to try and do fun things. We have roams in anything form a ceptor to a battleship, chilled mining and even RL meets (this time last week some of our EU/UK guys met for a few drinks and a meal!) and tonight we hope to be having a race with some lovely prizes for the winner.

Why not come and find out if Discoverings really is a fun place to be.

Discoverings was originally a “carebear” corp in the early days with no real PvP lust but over time we became “carebears with teeth”! :smiling_imp:

These days we have many members who like to go out and brawl, whether solo or in small fleets but we are always looking for more corp mates to bolster those numbers and join in the fun. So if you are a season (bitter?) vet or new bro just looking to start come join us for some good fights and epic whelps! N.B. we are here for fun not just green killboards! :sunglasses:

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” … When Discoverings was part of SMA before and during the Casino Wars that saying applied to us because as a corp it brought us closer together, fighting the good fight, protecting our space and having a whole lot of fun.

Today we remember those times and encourage all our members to have fun, especially as a corp. This is a game and as such it should be enjoyed! :smiley:

Are you reading these forums because you are bored at work, meaning you are also bored in EVE? Are you alone in hisec and looking for new adventures and friends to enjoy internet spaceships with?

Come and speak to our recruiters and find out about the fun (and the occasional tears) of living in nullsec!

Hello. Hei, Hallo, Здравейте, Halò … Discoverings is multinational! We have members from the East and West coast of the Good 'ol USA, Canada, England and Scotland, The Netherlands, Germany, Norway in fact from all over the World … Come and chat to our recruiters and join our truly multi-national and multi-cultural corp. :us::united_nations::uk::de::norway::netherlands:

Why not come out of your comfort zone in hisec and try the exciting nullsec life, the easiest place in EVE to have fun and make ISK to fly those nice shinny ships you have always wanted to try.

Discoverings we pride ourselves on being friendly, honest and helpful. :grin:

We like to have corp activities as often as we can, keeps us together as a corp, gives members the opportunity to have fun in different areas of the game.

Last night we had an hours mining op, earning ISK for the corp and giving out prizes for those who took part (big shinny prizes). Tonight we are roaming on a fleet looking for tasty kills. Come join us and join in the fleets :slight_smile:

Do you enjoy PvP? We do but we need some practice! Come and help us get better at it, though we don’t care about killboards we care about having fun.

The first time I found this corp I was still new to the game looking for a High-Sec corp because I wanted a corp in High-Sec to join. Started the application process and found my self joining a Null-Sec corp that offered all I was looking for and decided to stay. Been in the corp for 2 years and have been enjoying playing the game even more since starting and playing solo.

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Discoverings has many corpies who have been part of the family since the begin, early in 2015. We have also had quite a few who have gone to try their hand at other things or just taken a break from EVE(!!) and then returned. Though our original CEO has since “won EVE” we maintain the same ethos of fun and friendly play he started which is why our core members have stayed and why the lost sheep also return. :slightly_smiling_face:

When looking for a new corp, it’s important to find somewhere that will fit your style of play and you can have fun. Why not talk to one of our recruiters and see if Discoverings is the place for you.

So come and have a chat with one of our recruiters on our Discord and see how much fun we have.

To apply to join please complete the membership registration here

then fill out the application form here