Discussion club "New Raata"

Since I am not a capsiler yet, while I am preparing the equipment, I want to create an institute for social research. To begin with, it will be a discussion platform. Next is a list of issues on the agenda.
We want to study the history of the Caldri, and especially the era of the Raataa Empire.
We want to clarify the attitude in the old empire and today to such things as:

  1. “Exotic dancers” and prostitution.
  2. Gambling.
  3. Honest sports.
  4. Control over privacy.
    It is necessary to understand what is the ancient cultural tradition of the Caldari, and what became a defensive reaction to the war with the Galente.

There are many more questions of a more personal nature.

  1. I am from a cold planet controlled by the Caldari, but this is the most unknown of such planets. What is it called?
  2. Me and the core of my team worked together in production. The hard workers agreed to donate a little from each salary in order to pay for the capsuleer’s training from this fund, for the best of us, so that we can defend their interests. What does hard physical labor look like, and how much worker’s salary should be spent on one capsuleer?

Welcome to the discussion club!)

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You might have better luck if you moved this thread to the Fiction section where all the role play nerds like to hang out (click the pen at the top by the thread title).

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Thanks for the advice.


Dearly loved by the current state. Probably a thing in the old Raata empire.

Like thumb wars? Because that’s the only one I can think of, in the history of all New Eden that would be hard to cheat at. Not barring hormones and body-mods, of course.

Who’s not watching you?

I’m not sure what you mean here. Caldari Prime is currently under the occupation of the Gallente. And unfortunately will most likely remain so.

Is your character from there, or from another cold planet?

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Thanks for your answer, now there is something to catch on.

My character is from another cold planet. On the contrary, the most common and ordinary.

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