Divorce & Eve assets

Hello all,

I am currently getting divorced. My partner’s solicitor knew I have crypto currency & lots of other digital asset’s.

As part of our dispute resolution I agreed to provide all online account holdings of all online activity. My eve online assets are fairly substantial & have been valued at $86,000’s by him, which is about right.

I had disputed to the judge that it’s only a game even bringing a hard copy the eula to the bench but she is having none of it. I’ve been ordered to provide $ 36,000’s from eve online.

My first question is how? CCP have not answered my tickets other than linking the eula.

My only solution is create an account in my partners name & send 36k of stuff?


Done what a ■■■■■, they can deal with this insanity now.

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Haha, what?

If not a troll, did you tell them that it’s impossible to cash anything out of the EVE account? Or that you don’t actually own anything in your EVE account, therefore the $86,000 isn’t technically yours?

Don’t get married, kids.


Sounds about right. Coupled with an ingame mail linking to the EULA portions that explain how assets work in EVE and how the former sig other can now enjoy this wealth.

And then you will go on and send gankers and mercs after the person to harass the person within the legal limits of the TOS and EULA so that the person eventually gives the stuff back to you.


Well it all happened pretty fast and I don’t have a lawyer.

The judge took about 10 minutes to read the EULA and when I said see it has no value, she told me to "shut up, and listen, I make determinations of value not you or Chris Roberts, (I had a lot off stuff in starcitizen) star citizen paid $ to my x’'s lawyer already.

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Create a new corp, recruit, transfer half of your assets and give the ceo role to char that she owns. Once the dust settle, corporate theft is your new best friend.


Anyway it’s done I transfered the account gave them the pass and asked them to change it. Paid as ordered.

Yes, give that person the best possible EVE experience.

If this is not a troll, the legal ramifications from this case could be very interesting and hilarious. And with regards to corp theft as glorious EVE activity: Could that person then sue you for theft of her good even though they neither belong to you or her?


As there is no legal way to turn these EVE assets into real-world value, the only way for them to ‘enjoy’ these EVE assets is if:

  1. they want to play EVE themselves, or
  2. they don’t care about having the EVE assets, but enjoy the fact that you do not have the assets anymore.

If it’s number 2, they’re a terrible person. If it’s number 1, good luck in EVE to them!


Let’s be realistic, if this is for real, the receiving party will never even once look at this “asset” as the collection was done on principle only.

Divorces don’t happen “pretty fast” and without a significant amount of representation on both sides, so you’re kind of setting up red flags here.

Now petition the account transfer so that CCP can restore it, or ban it.

Also, since no one would ever be able to subpoena CCP to reveal in-game information (in a non-criminal case at least), you could have just traded over everything to an alt and then told them “sorry, I guess I overestimated the value, enjoy the two Kestrels though.”

Leaning 95% into troll territory right now, although I so, so, so hope that it’s not.


Good point, yes. However, if that person is really that greedy and daft to assume and press claims for these items, you never know what will happen. :smiley:

It did happen fast, and although apparently being a space ship success I can not afford a lawyer and from what I read I did a really good job on my own anyway.

No alimony to be paid despite having a good pension & remortgaging of house to move funds to pension prior to divorce.

Only losses was my digital stuff from star citizen which I am pissed because it’s worth more now and they just took cash off me.

Eve is OK but I guess I can say I paid for my divorce by playing eve.

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Unless your ex is Princess Aiko herself, I really doubt that they’d be happy with 5 trillion fake money in some obscure game and nothing else. Come on bro, make this believable for us.


It could have been worse if I had to pay alimony I might have had to mine veld spar for the next 20 years like some poor dudes have to do.

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They would have to garnish your Tritanium wages. But then again, you could claim disability after getting ganked, making you unable to keep working, and maybe your ex would have to support you instead.

I really hoped this was real, though.


ever heard of an alt corp … ops i lost all my eve stuff sorry

space lawyer

Here is what you do… un-liquefy everything!! Bling the living HECK out of ridiculous ship, put ALL your isk in, fill the cargo hold with plex if needed, take it out in space… Let me blow you up and loot everything. Then show the judge the killmail and tell him/her you lost it all tragically.

Then a year from now I will give it all back… promise.

Hypothetically, the judge could say he acted in bath faith, and order restitution in place of the original assets, which would be a much worse outcome, because they’d be able to extract value out of EVE assets while bypassing EVE entirely.

It would be much simpler and more safe to just hide the assets instead. Leave a token amount to “give up” so to say, while keeping the rest on alts that could never be traced.

so you are evaluated like 3.6 T ingame ?