Getting divorced need to get Eve stats for total hours played online

I spent more time with Eve than I did with my horrid soon to be ex. Where can I look to get proper eve stats to hand over to lawyers? And there is no sorry.



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i vaguely remember seeing some sort of total login time number on CREST API but idk if you can do that

Ask a GM?

So your defense against your ex wife is going to be “my wife is so boring, id rather be doing something more fun, like help fold T-shirts at the Gap, or spend my time mining in EVE online”?

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Why do you need to give the lawyers your time logged in?

Depositions - the process of giving sworn evidence. $15/month is nothing compared to some guys who spend $600 on a little drank-y-drank every month.

I filed, buddy, I’m the plaintiff.

When was mining mentioned?

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Whats more boring in eve than mining?

Infact, whats more boring in life than mining?


Are you sure? you seem like the type of guy that would be on the receiving side of a divorce.

Fair enough


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It’s easy enough with Steam…3650 hours in my case.

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Shots fired, someone call 555-CONCORD right now! :eyes:



Nothing sus about this post…

Why would it matter in any court how much time YOU spent on your own account?

Sounds more like you are using your soon-to-be-ex’s account to get a number so you can claim THEY spent time away from you…


You think the wife is entitled to half of his assets in EVE too? Imagine being court-mandated to contract over half his items to his wifes account.


Rereading this post and I don’t think OP mentioned their wife playing eve

Or did I miss that part?

Nope, because legally they aren’t his assets, as per the EULA all accounts and their contents remain the property of CCP Games, so as the OP doesn’t own any of it the wife isn’t entitled to half of it, she gets nothing, good day sir


He didnt, but who knows. Maybe theyre in rival corps and thats why theyre getting a divorce.

Yeah but how are you doing with that. I don’t wish to poke your feelings but did you meet your wrench online or offline?

Neither is gambling using those assets, and yet we know for a fact that CCP shut down iwantisk and other gambling websites because they were afraid.

Just because CCP owns the contents, doesnt mean there cant be legal headaches that force them to do stuff.