Divorce & Eve assets

Just used 36k / cheapest plex deal and put an empty char with plex, made it Amarr, ■■■■■.

if you have to send them assets send them 17 trillion rounds of t2 ammo.


It is simply out of spite, same reason many people take the dog from the other, they really don’t want the dog it’s literally just to make the other mad, cut your losses and run, never look back but be absolutely ruthless in any dealing you have, now go out and buy a lottery ticket and I hope you win then when they come to claim that, nope it was purchased AFTER the divorce, hopefully the universe has a perverse sense of humor and let’s you win the lottery to spite them.

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if not troll split the assets in 2 accounts and show the judge
or tell uhhh your honor i will liquidate all my eve assets for fairness and split them between two accounts
and split isk even

That’s ridiculous! Either you’re making that up or that judge is out of her F-ing mind! Both are very plausible though.
Still, you didn’t have to disclose any in-game assets. All you had to tell her lawyer is “I don’t know what the B is talking about, I’ve never heard of EVE Online” and see if that lawyer has more chances of getting a response from CCP than you are. CCP isn’t allowed to disclose anything about you unless it’s a criminal case and not only that, CCP isn’t a company from your country ( most likely ) so they don’t have to cooperate with her lawyer or the judge.

I do too. Either he’s a troll or he knows more about gaming than anything in the real world.


I think it makes sense to find a good attorney familiar with game business and virtual goods. NONE of the assets in EvE online are owned by you, they are owned by CCP. This would be my angle of reasoning.

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located in amamake or tama

the real point is
eve assets can be transformed in dollars just for marketing purposes ,so ccp can say 30 million in this wars etc
they aren’t worth ■■■■ IRL

No,no,no, send them 17 trillion in garbage, make it an eve event put a buy order in Jita and watch the garbage pile up


Split the assets, send them half, report it as account theft to CCP watch them ban both accounts.

Your ex doesn’t get half your ■■■■ and we don’t have to listen to your stupid. Everyone (important) wins.

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the things will become ugly wen they start to fight about the custody of ms @Destiny_Corrupted


/r/thathappened is leaking

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This is not as crazy as it sounds. When I was audited via the ( I.R.S.) the auditor did declare since ISK can be converted into game time it is considered a HARD ASSET !! The audit went basically in my favor but the itemized unreported income list ( airline miles, coupons, dividends) and sure enough itemized was 52.56 cents in ISK to plex conversion. So in reality it only cost me 2.76 cents. But the idea of it.

This is peak shitposting, lmao.


Try selling them for money… oh wait, you can’t without losing the account.

Also, no judge will see in-game items to have any real world value.

Cool humble brag though. Easy to see why your ‘partner’ wants a divorce.

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Judges are some of the stupidest people on Earth. There is nothing that they are not capable of.


Why would the IRS even know about anything EVE-related when they audit you?

I hate everyone involved, please emancipate me.


I feel for you. Most of the negative posts are from people who are 23 still living in MOM’s basement! My advice is any family antiques she owned I would demand they be appraised for selling and her half thown into the pot.

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HA HA! Clearly you have never dealt with the Internal Revenue Service!!! When you ARE audited every transaction you make is scrutinized.


So they see that you paid $14.95 for EVE.

“What’s this?”
“A subscription fee for an online game.”

I have a hard time believing that Agent Johnson is going to be rolling an EVE account and learning about the ESI system just to verify your New Eden holdings.

Sounds like you volunteered the information yourself.


Don’t be so sure. IRS knows crypto currencies exist but are struggling to identify what they really are and how to tax them. In the mean time, they think everything digital is a crypto currency.