I want a divorce

After 15 years I have cancelled all six of my subs and am urging my friends to do the same. Your continued lies and your response to the current issue has finally irritated me to the point that I am ready for a divorce.

If you will not listen to your player base maybe a thinning wallet will make you listen.

I will take my money elsewhere.


CCP will keep the pets and the kids though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry about your loss.

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I was captivated by your story…


“This is the first time Jung-Hoon has posted”



Yes, but who will you give your stuff to?


The Biomass Cult.

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Yep first time. I was usually playing the game not trying to work up my forum “street cred”.

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listen buddy… the fact that you want a divorce does not mean that sisipi will give it to you… and you can tell yourself that you will take your money elsewhere, but that “elsewhere” also belongs to sisipi… that’s why for your own good, I suggest that you stop blackmailing…

welcome to the red side of the federation…

My wife just walked by my computer. She asks about my ‘spaceship game’ occasionally.

I’ve got your typical Eve nerd total station with multiple screens, light up keyboard and mouse, computer lights and numerous tabs open for this game: Tripwire, Uniwiki, DOTLAN, zKill, these forums of course. Like a whole spare bedroom dedicated to this hobby.


This was the first thing she saw today. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


My fees are $1,200 per hour, and 30% of the settlement. I will give you my personal guarantee that my firm will get you every thing you deserve.

Your spouse, being EvE, has a known history of being abusive so I think we can make a strong case.

Ax’l and Thorne, Attorneys at Law ™


That was back in 2019 though.

Sorry about your loss.

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Oof. Did you call her over to have her read that it’s nothing more than a troll thread and have a laugh at it too?


She just gave me a hard time, crazy that she could spot that one thing just walking by. I get quite a bit going on when I’m into Eve

I’m glad she took it well!

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And I was going to post how useless these kind of posts are.

I guess I need to rethink, EVE forums is serious business.

Now the way our dear player refer to his relation towards CCP is a little disturbing. Ofc I can see the similarities, CCP fucks you here and there, there’s agony and suffering, you want to leave but there’s too much commitment already, but are you aware @Jung-Hoon that you cannot give birth to a child inside EVE right? So the divorce thing was a little weird to me.

This Eve, is not very nice to alot of folks. I have left a few times over the years and come back . But EvE just keeps on cheating on me and I’m too old to fiddle with this much longer. Lots of other fish in the sea.

Good Luck see ya down the road sometime maybe

Why even post, you’ve been Playing for so long yet never communicated with the rest of the community till now to say you’re throwing your toys out the cott.

To be honest you won’t be missed as you were never part of the community till you became self entitled over a stupid thing.

Its almost bad as eve content makers going toxic for something they themselves have made into a scaremongering exercise.

Have no time for thoses that a lemmings and can’t think for themselves and look at things with intelligence instead of ignorance.

So thanks for your killmails im sure there will some gankers that will miss killing you, but few else im guessing never know you existed.


you are aware, right, that it’s illegal to practice law without a license? …uh, well maybe not in this universe…hmmmmmm