What would make you leave the game and never return?

We all have our breaking points and many have already reached theirs. What would CCP have to do or implement for you to go “That’s it! I’m out!” ?

I think for me would be if they decide to nerf Destroyers. I’d be gone without a fuss.

My running out subscription in 2 months will make me quit for the first time in 11 years. And I think I will stay quit until Hilmar and some other CCP figures got the boot.


Server shutdown at this stage

Theyve tried to chase me away several times so I must be close to the truth!


Perfectly understandable.

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If they took away my ability to make other players leave the game and never return.


I don’t think PvP is on its way out of EVE any time soon.
You’re hard-core PvP.

Nah, I’m just a professional hardcore PvPer impersonator. You know, like when you go to Vegas and you see dozens of Elvises walking down The Strip?

All of the real hardcore PvPers died sitting on the toilet years ago.


Would miners call that Karma?

  1. Removal of PvP from high sec.
  2. Cat ears.


Get away from me!! ( jk )


If Roleplay was banned I would return to Goldshire.


1: The price increase of omega did it for me, just waiting for sub to run out on my three accounts.

2: Lost faith in CCP. It’s to much marketing without substance.

I do not believe they are genuinely interested from a long term financial standpoint to keep eve going. EvE is their cash cow to transit away from to new games/projects.


That seems to have done it for a lot of players.


I think they want to keep EVE going but at the same time they’re trying to diversify.
I won’t blame them but like Nana Skalski said, they should’ve introduced new content before raising price of subscription.
Now we hear they’re wanting to open new servers.
That tells me they’re not going to let EVE rot.

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The negative comments in internet forums! lol

But seriously, every time CCP (or any game developer for that matter) makes a decision someone doesn’t like there’s no end of rants on the forums about it.

Don’t like the Omega price increases, play as Alpha or don’t play… but please don’t preach about how the failure of CCP management is gonna cause the death of the company. Start your own business and so us all how it’s done. (And if you have 10-15 subs… you got bigger problems anyways.)

rant over lol!!

I really enjoy this game!


I do too! I can’t play for as long as I’d like because I’m ill but when I do play I’m well entertained and that’s the primary reason for games, to be entertained.


Yes, this is a good one!

I don’t like PVP, and all the PVP I’ve ever been involved in has always been non consensual.

But… It’s the only thing that stands between me and plexing my account. If PVP was removed from EVE, the challenge has been removed and with it, any enjoyment.

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What would make you leave the game and never return?

CCP banning people like you from making stupid threads like this. I need this guilty pleasure.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


I’m glad you enjoy.

Can I have your stuff?

I will biomass all my characters eventually. I’m leaving, why would I leave something behind for a game and people I don’t like anymore? :stuck_out_tongue: