I think I made someone quit the game

I found a one-man Russian corp trying to solo a C3 wormhole. Spent a week camping him and replaced a few of his POCOs with 100% tax rate. One night last month I caught his Gila and podded him, and he hasn’t logged in since. His citadel has gone into low power and I haven’t seen any of his alts on; gas sites he would normally visit have gone uncleared. I legit feel a bit guilty, damn.

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Counseling is only a phone call away.

You do realise he is using a higher level of Eve PvP against you.


You should feel bad you meanie.

He’s probably bored now that he stopped playing

Don’t feel bad. You might have disrupted an RMTer.

CCP lost another subscriber … :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:

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as if you know all his alts and accounts…


He’s stalking you irl now and you just don’t know it yet.


Working as intended.

This is WH life peeps.

Wouldn’t have been easier to get him to quit EVE by suggesting to him he should try the Guardian Gala?


How do you sleep at night…awful just awful.

Joking. Eve added gambling and cancelled AT, it’s gone to hell. so you did him a favor. I cancelled all my paid subs yesterday.

This is so true. Especially that a lot of people have and / or are in process of exactly and precisely because of it.

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He will be back, he is drowning his drowning his sorrows in vodka as we speak

Just think about how the guy that said there is not going to be an AT 19 feels. You made one guy quit, his announcement took out many.

This really shows how interesting this game is nowadays…

I feel quilty for my wallet for subscribing all that 6 years i have been playing!
I think this game have huge potential, but right now it is in the state of athlete in wheelchair.

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Don’t worry OP. I have to use 2 hands to count the number of players I’ve made quit. You shouldn’t feel too bad though, because the way I see it I have made them quit and they don’t have to experience this game ran by ■■■■ management.

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He is probably biding his time, logged in one of his alts that is a cloaky camper and is cloaked and silently watching you from a distance… not wearing any pants…

That or he just determined your timezone and moved out to better pastures while you were sleeping.

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A lot of people confuse Serbians as Russians. Quickly check on your hands



If EVE had Achievements, this would be one of them.