-- DJ Bismarck's 3rd Party Service -- Over 3 Trillion Secured --

»»» Welcome to my 3rd party service! «««

Awwwww Yeah!
I am a 3rd party operator, happy to secure any transactions that you may need additional help with making sure the deal is favourable for both parties. (edit: No so new anymore after 60+ transactions totalling over 3 trillion)

Primarily I have noticed that it is a little bit more difficult for AUTZ people (Not that people of US/EU/RU TZ can’t approach me) to get hold of the generally accepted 3rd parties, so I am also going to throw my hat into the ring. I have built super carriers and titans in the past, in addition to flying them currently so I am well versed in the methods used by both scammers and by legitimate 3rd parties.

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This thread will also be used for client feedback.

3rd Party Service Pricing
Super Capitals: 300m in a Keepstar
Super Capitals: 400m in Lowsec
Super Capitals: 500m in Nullsec
Citadels: Medium: 100mil, Large 300mil, X-Large: 500mil
Other: 1%, 50mil minimum

Super Carriers: 38
Titans: 24
Stations/Sov: 1
Citadels: 9
Other: 6

Total Securely Transfered To Date: 3.282 Trillion ISK

Contact me
In-Game Channel: DJ Bismarck
EVE-Mail: DJ Bismarck (Best method)
Alternate EVE-Mail: Otto Bismarck
Twitter: @OttoBismarckEVE

The safest option is to only use the generally accepted 3rd parties: Chribba, Grendell and Wirox Crotikus … or me.

I am very well known in the Australian Community, EVE Down Under Organiser, Melbourne Pub Meet Organiser.

So I was thinking of what to write to attempt to assure people of my good intentions, and I feel that Grendell summed it up very well.

Reserved Again.

Confirming this is an alt of mine.

This guy is Brave’s Third party of choice: have used him every time, never been disappointed.

Will use again.

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Good dude, have used Otto’s services previously and will do again in the future

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+1 from me used him when buying my vendetta

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Have known Otto for many years to be an upstanding member of the community

Have used him for my personal transactions, plus trusted him with corporation and alliance assets at many points.

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