DMC. "Maybe use your ganker skills as a Bounty Hunter?"


Great comment!

I’ve been there before. Thanks to me requesting it, GCC pods are legal targets.

I admit one could say I’ve asked for it to be “easier”, but that’s really not the case. Back then there were moments were I sat 20 minutes next to a ganker, in my stiletto, waiting for him to find a worthy target so I can snatch his pod and get his bounty. The fact that it drove me to -10 really quickly was just too much of a hindrance, PLUS the ridiculous 15min punishment for killing a pod that’s a criminal anyway.

Today the whole scene changed. Being a bounty hunter isn’t cool anymore, because the way things work now forces you to suicide gank.

  1. There aren’t enough people with reasonably priced, public killrights.
  2. Those who have reasonably priced, public killrights are most likely a scam.
  3. Bounties usually aren’t high enough to make the payout worthwhile compared to the time and cost invested.

It’s not the cost, it really is the time that bothers me the most.

When you wait 20 minutes for your target to become a target and you know you’ll get 170 million ISK from it (back then that was quite a nice lump of cash), then that’s completely different to knowing that you might get lucky enough to find a target that’s well fitted.

Those who believe I could just ship scan the targets are forgetting that that just further narrows down the list of potential targets.

I’m also kind of disappointed from reading you’re thinking I’d care about buffing my killboard. After all these years you really should know me better. Killboards are for peasants who have nothing else to be proud of.

I’ve never really been a bad person.
I just really, really miss the RPG in MMORPG.

I’d happily go bounty hunting as a suicide ganker if the landscape changed into a direction that made it an actually fun and engaging activity, which would allow me to entertain people one way or the other.

I don’t make people quit. I don’t like quitters, so why would I be doing that? To anger myself? :smiley:
People used to love having me around. :slight_smile:

It’s a good suggestion, but in the current game it’s not meant for RPG, unless I want to RPG some poor guy looking for targets. : - )

PS: Looking for targets. Someone said “go to lowsec”. Tell you what: Lowsec is boring.
No faction police = no real need to put effort into it = boring.
Hell, after playing in a 1.0 a 0.5 is almost too easy.

The only times I’ve had fun in lowsec was when I was playing with residents and as far as I know there aren’t too many residents in most systems anymore.

You know … People playing Pirates. The RPG in MMORPG.

So … okay. Bounty Hunting in nullsec? Is that a thing? I can’t tell. It seems silly to me to assume masses of nullseccers have bounties on their heads, because why they?

The reason why I avoid nullsec is because it’s literally islands filled with people who are friends of each other hating on people from other islands who are friends with each other. Thousands of friends, all together. There’s roamers, yes, great, but that’s like playing an arcade game. LogIn, start roaming, log off. Meaningless and boring, just like all the people there.

Highsec has a unique quality. It’s like a big city filled with tons of different people who don’t really relate to each other and just keep the economy going. It’s a great stage I loved being a part of. : - )



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I’m reading your posts, sooooo …
Anyhow … you’re free to have the last word, but I won’t respond anymore. :slight_smile:


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Blackout NPC nullsec is really anti-social. Lack of local results in no one speaking up, that just gets you noticed. Perfect strangers want to know what you’re up to… especially if it’s mining or ratting - so they can “help.”

When NPC null local had names in it, local could occasionally result in a ‘social connection’ because players could take a look at the names and history, and make a decision to attempt a convo or not.

It takes more work to rat or mine in ‘safety’ than it did before, especially outside the “capital umbrellas.”

Solstice, if you have tried all the blobs in highsec - Hek, Dodixie, mission hubs, etc and are just not finding what you are looking for - it could well be gone. The only constant in life, is change.


Well, correct me if I’m wrong but I thought you were looking for something different to do in High Sec space that was similar to what you use to do. Also I was under the impression that you didn’t really care about ISK value.

The way I see it is you’d be targeting players who have a bounty. The amount shouldn’t matter but still something to keep in mind. Granted some targets may require a little planning before hand, basically evaluate them, check their habits and equipment they use, decide when and where it’s best to engage them, best type of equipment to use, etc.

Hell, maybe once in a while mix it up and do a quick venture into Low Sec border systems for some actual PvP engagements with no Concord intervention.

I don’t remember ever saying that about you. And for the record, I was being serious with my suggestion of using your knowledge and skills as a Bounty Hunter.


You’re probably right. I should put some effort into looking at how feasible it is nowadays. You’re also right in saying that it’s not about the money. I mentioned it because I was thinking of the amount of potential targets, but you made me realize that one’s a bounty hunter even when he kills people with 100k isk bounty.

The idea does feel kind of weird, though. When there’s no distinction between targets, then it’s just “suicide ganking” all over again.


In any case … thank you. :slight_smile:


The distinction would be only targeting those with a Bounty.

Granted the tactics may be similar to Suicide Ganking. However, targets gained through Killrights would definitely add more gameplay for you to engage in, such as checking with Locator Agents, researching the character, preparing the correct ship and equipment to use, etc. That’s where the actual planning before hand comes into play.

Hell, might even be more profitable too. Also doing Killrights bypasses Concord so it’s not really Suicide Ganking, you’re just getting first move on the engagement, right?

Anyway, for a quick rush could also jump on those with Suspect / Criminal Flags too. Just something to think about.



I think you might find that spending more time trying new and creative things in game and less time crying in the forum could be the solution you are looking for.

Or keep writing essay after essay that makes you look like a whiny douche. Up to you.


One is a bounty hunter if they hunt a target for pay. They don’t have to have an official bounty hanging around their info window. All you need is a target, a client willing to shell out some bucks to see them dead, and yourself to make it happen.

Perhaps you know this already, but I’d like to be sure you’re not limiting your options to ones defined by game systems.

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Basically you’d call this role as a hired gun or merc, different role to bounty hunter.

Two are paid gankers, the other is (or should be) law enforcement.


I’m not seeing any whining in the OP. I think ya’ll are projecting your own TrIgGeRedD state.


Also includes Assassin.

noun: assassin ; plural noun: assassins

  1. a murderer of an important person in a surprise attack for political or religious reasons.

What I mean is, if I say I will pay to unspecified persons a sum of money upon proof they caused the death of a person I select, that is a bounty, even if it does not appear on an official in game window.

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Actually that would be a private contract, sometimes involving a deposit to be paid first.

A Bounty is made public which anybody can collect.


Whoa, whoa, hold on, ye hosses. A brand new thread, about previous posts from a certain poster? Cannot be done, probably in any internets communications worlds. Forbidden, except when:
a) Original post was by an established poster, and it involved alcohol; and
b) The accused replied.
After that, it’s game on. So let it be written. So let it be done.
-Pharoah Rameses



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As long as it does not involve a killright and the person who takes the bounty actually loses their ship/s trying to attack the bountied person, it could work. Should it involve a killright and the attacking person can just willy-nilly shoot at people without losing ships, it will not work. As long as you can place bounties which can create killrights on anyone, it does not work.

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