Do Concord Police Ships drop Officer Mods?

Today while out on patrol, it occurred to me that Concord Police Ships would drop shiny Officer Mods that we can loot.

Do they call for backup when we attack them?

target and fire on one… find out for yourself. Return and report.


Has anyone tried to see? I sort of trying to work out how many ships are required to take them on.

More than you’ll be able to bring, and they will shoot back, and no they don’t drop any loot at all assuming you mean standard concord, mission concord are different but those are only in missions given by pirate agents

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A long time ago I saw it mentioned in forums that some devs took on CONCORD in some system and won. But it took devs fitting ultra-maxed out monster ships, which they can do for 0 isk, of course. That’s what kind of DPS and EHP it took. True story or not, don’t know.


Look, it is not just me who comes up with these questions.

There are all sorts of questions popping up in local.

Think the Yulai incident is when Concord got a buff, could be wrong though.


They drop good stuff, but getting it is tricky. Only if you’re smart and fast will you get the piles of isk possible to get out of CONCORD. Especially smart. If it was easy more people would be doing it.

And you need a partner to fly the “decoy/spawn trigger” disposable ship.

One guy flies a throwaway cheap ship.
You fly the “ambush” ship which should be the best you can make it - every little edge you can get will increase your chance of success, so use all the bling you can fit.

The ambush ship sets up about 30km from the throwaway ship which should be about 5km from a gate.

The throwaway ship shoots a random coming to the gate (remember, a ship doesn’t jump through a gate until it gets to 2500 meters from it). CONCORD cops respond and the throaway ship will get blown up.

At this point the ambush ship springs into action. Target one (and only one, you won’t have time for more…that time…) cop ship and blow it up fast (more dps the better on ambush ship). Then VERY quickly target the wreck and loot it, don’t even try to choose out only the valuable badges and/or ultra-blingy-to-good-blingy modules right then just click the “loot all” button and take it all. You have to be fast! Two targeting speed rigs on ambush ship!

Immediately warp into a station and wait out the 15-minute criminal timer. Look at your loot and see what you got. About 1/3 of the time ( shrug RNG…) you’ll have gotten a CONCORD Badge that can be sold to pirate npc agents in lowsec for around a billion isk and/or a blingy module

Again you have to be fast and you need to pump out as much dps as you can from the ambush ship.
Show those space cops they’re not so powerful after all (and profit too)

go get 'em!


My Rattlesnake does over 1k dps and I would really like to get a couple neat Officer Mods for my Phoenix.

That’s a bold strategy.


Then shoot concord. Stop asking questions that no one can answer and just shoot them. Be brave, be bold, be the one that answers the question.

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it wasnt devs, it was a powerful many many years ago that decided to lock down a system and kill everyone in it including concord that kept spawning until CCP hit the ban button.

shortly after the changes, someone managed to kill a concord frigate, i think with smartbombs. there wasnt any mention of loot.



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Yeah, that happened in March of 2004. Got plenty of results from google searching ‘Killing Concord’ to ‘Yulai Massacre’. This one is a pretty good account of what happened, written as in-character RP.

Anyway, ever since then the only time Concord can be destroyed and drop loot is in Security Agent Missions.


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