Do invasion rats scram in all systems?

Been doing some research. Do invading precursor entities scram in all systems, in all areas (like on gates) or just in some?

It depends lol. Sorry but there are trigs with Anchoring in their name. It is a scram (2 points). They typically appear in pairs. They show up after the fleets escalate.

Are the system dependent? Maybe but I don’t think so. They can be jammed but use drones to jam and not the ship.

Cool, just curious! Wasn’t sure if the scrams would be found on gates or possibly limited to non-perimeter invaded systems. Trying to find out if general travel through them is safe (like for hauling), or if they need to be avoided entirely.

Only specific Traglavian Invasion ships use scrams; these has the name tag “Anchoring” in their name. If you see those on grid, and you’re just passing through the system, just “crash” back to the gate you just jumped through, or try risk moving along. :wink:

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