Do pilots gain anything from Destroying Rats structures?

Also is lowering standings with rats beneficial?

Sometimes the structures drop loot. No, low standings are not beneficial.


How much of a role player are you?
Do you consider the people in those structures to be “people” at all? :wink:

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VENGENCE of course! Shirley you require no lesser reason?

No Mercy for the Wicked. Ordinary foes might win my mercy, but my sworn enemies shall never!

How could you stand idly by while foul pirates engage in disgusting orgies of bloody murder?

Swear vengence by Grabthar’s Hammer and the Suns of Worvan and strike the putrid evil!

Raising standings with thrice-cursed pirate scum is blatant heresy! You don’t want to be a heretic…do you?


How do you feel about the Blood Raiders? Aren’t they the true Amarr?

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:open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

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I know that some rat structures in complexes (which are found by running anomalies and getting an escalation, or scanning cosmic signatures) hold valuable loot. I don’t think the ones in anomalies have much though.

Low standings with anyone is not beneficial. Standings are a balancing act. Improve them with one entity, and it’s likely that another’s will suffer. That said, having low standings with pirate factions is generally only relevant if you want to run missions for them in nullsec. Empire factions tend to be more important as low empire standings may result in you being attacked by their forces in highsec.

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