Do tracking disruptors work against drones?

Do tracking disruptors work against drones?

I can only restate the subjectline :slight_smile:

TD or other forms of Electronic Warfare applied to a ship will not affect its drones but, if you lock the drones individually, I believe TD and other forms of EW will work on the drones. The only one I’ve actually tried is target painting.

Yes it will.
But as a task it is rather pointless to attempt it.

There will be up to 5 drones launched
Each drone is a separate entity
This means you would need up to 6 disruptors active (1 for each drone & the ship that launched them)

Could be a niché thing though as in case of Gilas you only ever need 2+1 (two drones plus the ship), which is still a bit much but might work for specific situations. Not sure if viable but could be a fun tear harvester fit for Abyssal PvP if you are lucky enough to get matched against a Gila… tough luck if not though might still work somewhat I guess.

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Technically yes.

Realistically it’s a waste of effort, cap and slot. Chances of TDing it to a point where they won’t hit you isn’t that high, there’s generally a whole bunch of drones so you won’t have enough TD in the first place and doing it to just 1 or 2 isn’t going to make a real difference.

You’d be much better off using those mid slots for something else.

Best thing against a Gila is just to kill its drones. You need to have a strong web and good burst DPS or the Gila pilot will just keep recalling and switching them on you.

once you kill its drones you can take all the time you need to deal with the Gila cause its missles hit like wet noodles.


Tracking disrupting a rattlesnake’s gecko however is worth doing as the rattle has its main dps in a single drone, and if you kill it you’re losing a valuable chunk of loot.

I rarely use RSes these days anymore, anything you can do in RS I can do much easier, faster and less clunky in a cruiser or much cheaper in something like a Navy Scorp.

But when I did use RS its main weapon system was always missles, drones were the secondary, not primary, so disrupting drones wouldn’t be that effective. The reason for this is that RS hull bonus is only good for heavies and sentries, so it makes it too difficult to take out small targets unless you just use sentries for sniping or alike, and I don’t like sentries. Much easier to just go Cruise or RHMLs and carry both regular and precision ammo so you can switch when needed.

Rattlesnake + Gecko (times two or three) is still the go to ship in c5 WH space, where you need to high slots for cap transfer to counter the sleeper’s neuts. The geckos track well enough to hit sleeper frigates. other heavy drones or sentries have much worse tracking.

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