Do we need a CEO tutorial?

A post I made in a war dec thread made me think…

When creating a corporation… Should there be a CEO tutorial? Some that takes time but also helps a CEO setup a corp correctly, understand what may happen, how to setup roles, hangar access, etc. Make it take some time so CEOs feel some investment in the corp and realise it’s more than just a guild. I’m not sure if EVE Uni has a course on this and maybe it’s not CCP’s place. Still, maybe if people had to put a little more thought and effort into a corp, it would be more than just a shell thrown away during each war Dec.

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EVE needs less hand holding, not more.

Stop catering to the lowest common denominator and bring the glory days back!


Nothing like getting dunked on your first few days ahh i miss it.

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It should cost > 1bil to create a corp. That’s all

“Here’s a rubik’s cube, go feck yourself.” - CCP Soundwave.



Tutorial? No.
A big warning along the lines of:
“WARNING! By creating this Corporation you will very likely attract the attention of War Declarations, spies and ‘awoxers’. Do you really wish to continue?”

Could go into more detail I guess… but too much text and it won’t be read.


There are plenty of learning material and information pages about these matters (as well as other subjects) so if one does their own research there should be no issue whatsoever. Uniwiki, google search, forum search should answer most of your questions and if needed you can hop in to the e-uni help channel and ask there too I suppose and/or ask on the forums as well.

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Because those warnings work so amazingly well, like the one that pops up when you enter low sec.

Problem is noobs making corps because they want to be in charge.CEO role should require a predefined character age of maybe 1 year or so.It should prevent clueless players from making corps and draging other new players into their circle of stupidity and ultimate failure.

Yes, let’s punish experienced players and alts to protect idiots from themselves.


We do need less Jailbait corps, definitely.
I think if NPC corps weren’t as shite we might cut Down on it a bit.
I had an idea to that end a while back, dunno if it has any legs but food for thought.

Remove the NPC Corp Restrictions on Player Movement

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Hmm what if CCP made a 2nd corp option it is imune to war deck’s at some type of massive disadvantage ^_^. When the corp gets strong enough to handle wardeck’s they upgrade to a normal corp loose the disadvantage and are war-deckable again. Wait this is completely off topic lol o well.

Being a CEO is about soft skills as much as about understanding the mechanics of the game.

I don’t think there is any tutorial that CCP could develop that would truly cover leadership better than the thousands of third party sites related to that on the internet already.

Mechanics tutorials, sure. That and lots of experience in the game.


Imo, if you need a tutorial to be CEO, you aren’t ready to be a CEO.


A reading tutorial of sorts might be a good thing for an aspiring Corp CEO. By reading it allows the player to ask the right questions to other more informed players.

I wouldn’t consider that hand holding.

how do I YouTube, I not understand buttons

My opinion is that any player is ready to be a CEO any time they wish - they just might be a bad CEO.
Of course, the members of their corp might be bad corp members, so they can learn to be good together.

Obviously, bad and good are rather subjective here. Someone might be really effective at herding a small amount of HS miners and keeping them “safe”, fat, and happy, including knowing and instructing when to drop and reform the corp. They might not fare too well leading other types of corps, such as a FW Unit, merc/wardec outfit, WH residency, or NS bloc. These all require different leadership skill sets and can lend to different leadership styles as well.

There are probably a few skills that do make a superior CEO that are found across the board. What these are likely needs its own thread. However, assuming that these shared skills can be identified, then they could be taught - but only if a prospective or current CEO wishes to pursue them. I don’t think that an in-game tutorial would work so well. These skills are likely to be soft skills that won’t be able to effectively transmitted in an artificial setting. Especially to someone without any actual leadership experience.

EvE is a game about doing. A player can read all the forums and blogs, watch all the videos, listen to all the veterans and conspiracists that she wishes to. At the end of the day, that pilot will need to get in game and DO these things.

Having said this, I also believe that doing diligent research is also part of EvE. Find your own answers in whatever way you can - read, ask, observe, experiment, etc. The current tutorials can only go so far, and for ‘what-button-does-what’ I don’t have a problem with them. But beyond the technical operations, I don’t think that in-game tutorials will help in teaching someone to be a good CEO.

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CCP needs one indeed.

I agree with OP somewhat there should be more information given to new CEO’s so that they are sure of what they are getting into. Perhaps this could make people have a more cautious approach.

Perhaps there could be some sort of mentoring system in place for CEO’s?

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