Do we own the virtual assets we buy in EVE? - I bought it, CCP's EULA says I don't own it

Do we own anything at all in the game? That is the question…

I bought a training boost bundle, i.e.:


However the EULA makes it clear I own absolutely nothing, have no interest over absolutely anything, and CCP owns the entire contents of the game and everything in it (all virtual items and things).


So my question is… do I own what I bought or not? I paid GST on it, which implies a good or service was supplied. How can CCP sell skill points with one hand then take them back with the other by mode of the EULA that says they own everything including all skillpoints?

CCP thanks you for your very valuable donation.

Indeed. Let’s see how long it takes the reputation protection responders to lock this thread.

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Wow, still going on about this huh? I love what you’re doing for the value of my tinfoil futures though.

Short answer: no, you don’t own it. You don’t own anything in an online game, and I’ve yet to see an online game that doesn’t use similar language in their ToS and EULA. It’s the standard. You do not even own your character names or models. You don’t own your account. You don’t even own your own information once you’ve given it to them.

Going to make this short, because you’ve been having this tantrum for weeks now and kicking your heels and screaming about your candy being taken away.

In effect, when you pay for and play an online MMO, you are renting the right to make use of their assets. You don’t own anything any more than you own a car after you’ve rented it for a month. You have the use of the assets for as long as they decide to offer them to you.

Your legal recourse if not satisfied is to cancel your payments, stop renting their assets, and walk away.

The next time you decide to foolishly make large investments in digital assets which you do not even own, please stop and consult an adult.

For your own good.


Genuine question. Are you a CCP Dev alt or GM alt? or any kind of affiliated alt?

You did not fully answer my original query. If I own nothing and do not have rights over anything, then what did I exchange my money for? I must have received a right over something, goods, or services in nature. I was charged GST.

GST is charged on taxable transactions for goods and services.

A transaction is the exchange of money for something.

So what is the something I got?

Did you not get the SP in the package?

An enhanced experience in the game.

Nothing more. You purchased an update in a database entry, on a database that you don’t own and have no claim over.

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@Brisc_Rubal you wanna answer this?

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You are renting a service. You purchased a small additional change to the services that you rent, such that the digital assets you rent have received some SP and a Cerebral Accelerator to use within the terms of the service.

If you rent access to an annual investment reporting service, and buy an additional package for futures pricing for the current year, it’s the same thing. You can use it for the given term. You don’t own it.


Just STFU and take your imaginary pixel money loss.

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