Do you think Eve echos will effect EVE population?

That is what they did. The demo that was put together in the end, after multiple builds and concepts, was so pathethic they throwed it into trash bin, fired people and started another project.

They are good at starting projects, less good at actually managing them and finishing.

Because CCP are the only people to ever bin a game in development…
I mean seriously, grow up. Development studios bin games all the time.

The difference is Blizzard is trash these days like Bethesda. EE was the most impressive mobile game I’ve ever seen, it had actual gameplay. It’s like Eve for people that have lives.

For mobiles it is.

It’s like Eve for people that have lives.

Now if people in EVE would have lifes, they would move to Echoes. If. :wink:

People who really had to grow up, were people who were in management and their whole concept for a game was “PSSHHHHH”.

Even for a non mobile game its impressive. It has everything eve has except more QoL which makes the game much more accessible. Its going to have a higher population then eve online once it launches.

Well considering CCP track record, I wouldn’t give up your day job. Fingers crossed. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Eve hasn’t had proper investment for over a decade and it’s still going. Nothing much will change same old same old.

No. I don’t play any mobile games and never plan on doing so. I have no desire to play any game on a tiny screen with a crappy control interface designed to get around not having a real keyboard/mouse/controller. I am not alone either as I know many people with the same sentiment. I think PC and console games are here to stay a little longer as they have a superior gaming experience.

If anyone is relying on their phone for real gaming, I feel true pity and sadness for them.

I played it during December. It actually convinced me to come back to Eve. They’ve tried to simplify some things, and that may or may not go over well with Eve veterans. I’ll prob play it the same way I play Eve, login to set skills, dabble here and there in anomalies, and call it a day.

I do hate mobile games, but this one is either done well enough, or at least hit a bit of nostalgia. January is the first month I’ve been subbed to Eve since 2013ish, so there is that.


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