Do You Think Its Possible

To Play the meta game in Eve without any “friends”? To push policies or changes without any N+1 factors in consideration? No batphones, no intel channels, nothing.

A lot of people say solo is dead. That to compete in Eve you need friends or at least frenemies. But do you think it is possible to be so Machiavellian, so cunning that you could play at the highest levels in this game, the truest form of the meta game solo?

Within the Meta game killmails and isk amounts arent the true metrics of measurement, but influence through direct or indirect means. Some of which could be as subtle as the insemination of an idea or ideal which spreads like wildfire, take James315 and his ideas. Most meta game, like the CCP designation of ‘Crowd Control’ is about manipulating large groups of people to do your bidding.

Yet can a true puppet master arise in a game such as Eve online? Not some Illuminati figure, nor an alliance leader, nor a leader of spais and thieves. But someone much deeper, unknown or shadowy that they really just dont exist at all? That if someone said their name noone, not even Chribba or the Mittani or the great CCP Falcon could say yeah or neigh. What would it take to be such a figure?


His name was Lenny, he was involved in ISK gambling enterprises, and he paid all of EVE to dislodge the Imperium from the north.


He was then stripped of all power, isk, possessions, his buisness burned to the ground, and then outlawed, then he himself was banned from existence. Because CCP can’t allow that.


I’ll check my alts.
Might be one in there.

–Shadowy Gadget checking the junk-drawer


Chribba has already won Eve.


Lenny and Chribba are known… Such a shadowy figure you wont even know the name of so you cant really comment on someone “winning” Eve this way can you!!!:thinking:

Gadget might have a chance.

First rule of shadowy meta gamers is you cant talk about shadowy meta gamers…:joy:

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I have no friends and I do fine.

Oh wait you are talking about EvE politics and alk that stuff. Nah wouldnt have the first clue.

So you could be the secrete meta gamer mastermind puppetmaster then is what youre saying?!?!?

/me studies the Ramona while burning both McCandles at both ends…:thinking:

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Could be!

But unlikely.

However, my brother Damien went off to do secret things in Null and I havent heard from him in a long long time.

Silly fool even cut his hair.

Also, its McCand-less. We have no Cands

CCP Fozzie plays the EVE meta at a grand scale. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Interesting you should bring this very subject up, the Mittani (I call him mitts), is a Machiavellian type of person, as long as Mittens controls goonswarm, goonswarm will be part of EVE, he is key to goonswarm.

One thing you can count on is that the mitts has his alter ego which he uses for his own purposes, spy, infiltration, Intel, and this is within his own organisation.

I don’t like goonswarm because it’s too human, run by a Machiavellian leader(ship), the problem with EVE is that there is no true way to crush, or to enforce upon those whom have broken their covenant with others, you can’t kill that which has infinite clones, you can’t beat that which can remove all the knowledge and wealth move into a new identity the next day thus evade their enemy.

But at the same token you can’t respect players who switch allegiance, steal all the assets, and leave their people to burn in fire, if I had to choose a figure for what you describe, only the mitts comes to mind.

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That’s an interesting idea. I think the James 315 example you gave is a good one. Do it, somebody!

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Take this another step, before this happened he had made a character with injectors with max skills and someone did a thread on it, so I suggested that if he really wanted to make a name for himself perhaps funding some major event would be better and I mentioned Gevlon Goblin as an example. I have no idea if my post was even noticed or not, but if it was I could say that me on my own as a player who was slumbering in hisec at that point had a major impact on the game by putting this idea in his head, who knows and who cares…


It is hard to kill something that cannot die. Cannot be found, named or needs to depend on anyone else for life. This is a double edged sword. It breaths new life like a chimera or a phoenix and cannot die like a hell hound or a god. For his reason Eve becomes both epitome of eternal life and the curse of never ending sorrow all in the same breath.


Pretty much this unless your really that good that you end up crushing their souls :slight_smile:

Mittens hardly seems relevant to a question about playing the meta with no friends and no n+1.

Friends on the internet aren’t actually you’re friends, they are saying they are so they can take all you have and then some :slight_smile: Can’t trust anyone on a game :wink:

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I have some real friends from Eve and another MMO. Some don’t play Eve or the other game anymore, but we still stay in touch.

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