Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?

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Please keep the discussion about “why this isn’t actually unbalanced” in another thread.

Thank you.

For everyone else: Rexxar is a perfect example of someone wishing to abuse the people’s willingness to talk about things. They pick a non-issue and by continuously talking about it, they create the illusion of there actually being an issue. The prime example for this kind of manipulation is the main afk cloaky thread, but most bumping/ganking threads are based on the same.

That was quite on-topic to my post further above. Please don’t try attempting derailing ongoing discussions. See also this post: Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?


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Not “Carebears” …. they are not ones carebears, they are just poor crybabies.

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Yes carebears. They belong to the above mentioned group called “totalitarians”. If you have a softer definition of carebear then yours might need correction. Carebears are poor crybabies, but that’s completely besides the point.

edit: nothing inappropriate about my post. censorship is bad. it reveals that you can’t handle reality.

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The term “Orwellian” is related to fictionnal work. Dictators existed long before Owell wrote his book.

Because, as my statement implied, it takes blood to realise you are a monster.

People whining on twitter is a nuisance, not an achievement.

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The JF killed in hisec not to wardecs are generally bumped. Does bumping prevent you to jump to an emergency cyno?

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As for me, your thread just finished in the OP poll. I voted for “It’s fine as it is”. All posts behind that are just an attachment for opinions or more exact explanations.


Don’t be a “fake maker” and a slanderer. Active forum members already knows what I’m posting about. The only ‘nerf’ or ‘buff’ thread I ever opened was about Cargo Scanners, and that because of active discussion on forum about ganks and whatever:

As I stated, I voted for “It’s fine as it is” (I don’t want more protection through new mechanics and I don’t want to transform hi-sec into 0.0), but I want more protection for JF as a partial example (as rebalancing). It can be counted as an answer for the question “Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?”.

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Who knows, it depends by situation. I have no idea why the “emergency cyno” wasn’t used by respective players, cause they weren’t ‘bubbled’. It’s possible because they did things in a hurry and were under Jump Fatigue at the moment, because a single cyno ALT was to far away, because the single cyno ALT got DC or was unable to log in time or because their main JF pilot got DC. I don’t want to notice how many times I got “socket closed” in bad situations. Anyway, the current state of such a hauling game play turns many neutral players away from EVE. You just need to have MORE than one addition Omega ALT to be good at this game. I can count it as “it requires a rebalance”, because I saw how these things happened in other MMOs and how they ruined entire games, even killed entire game franchise.

Finally, by taking a emergency cyno in a hurry you just can fall to a “porn studio” in Ignoitton… :thinking:

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A JF flight should always be carefully planned and JF should never venture in the middle of hisec. They only need 1 jump in hisec to deliver or replenish their cargo, anything else is uselessly dangerous. You are flying a JF, don’t tell me paying Red Frog 20Mil per Bil and half to finish the job in hisec is too expensive.

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you can’t take an emergency cyno when a procurer is tackling you.

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Is this true?

Jump Freighters

The Tech 2 versions of freighters, jump freighters, have a reduced cargo capacity but are capable of using cynosural fields to jump long distances. They are also able to use stargates like normal ships. (Since cynosural fields cannot be lit in highsec, jump freighters travelling in highsec have to use stargates.) This makes them ideal supply ships for people who live in nullsec.

These fields can be produced either by the Cynosural Field Generator modules, or the Cynosural Generator Array, which can be anchored at a POS. The module can only generate a cynosural field in systems with a security of 0.4 or below (low-sec or null-sec), and the array can only be anchored in sovereign nullsec. It is also impossible to produce a cynosural field in wormhole space.

I understand their actions and your diagram next way:

  • To deliver an important and expensive cargo from hi-sec to low- or null-sec a JF in hi-sec must be used just to jump there;

  • A JF can enter in hi-sec only by using standard Gates and for this they have to cyno jump to the closest system in low-sec like Ignoitton and then warp towards hi-sec Gate at 0;

  • At the other side, they can warp to the nearby station or to next Gate towards Jita;

  • To make it more safer, they have to dock at nearest station in hi-sec and to use a Freighter to deliver goods from Jita to that station;

  • The cost of goods is just too high (over 5B ISK) and that Freighter will be ganked at a Gate somewhere also;

  • To play more safely, we have to split the cargo into three or four 1.5B ISK parts and deliver them individually one by one with a Freighter speed;

  • Do you see where this algorithm goes on?;

  • This kind of over secured game style mechanics forces player to stop playing in one or another way (nor only Hauling and delivery contracts), because nobody is interested to do masochistic things.

Red Frog Freighters aren’t immune also.

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Man this thread sure went sideways in a hurry…

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Hey yall like bumping freighters? I like bumping freighters. Highsec is too safe, there needs to be more of me in it 8)

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Words like carebears, much like fake news, snowflake, SJW and others are overused to the point of meaninglessness and people who still use them in forum posts can be safely ignored. Dull people with no ability to add to a discussion but wish to still seem relevant in a thread use these nonsense words.

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Someone sent me 30 million isk because Siegfriend bumped them. Thanks Siegfriend! Bump em all!

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You’re right, the PoS doesn’t show up that way. I do forget about those now that they’re being phased out. The customs offices still have a HUD marker, though, and the PoS locations are static per moon, so still possible to find without combat probes, though the combat probes can make the job much easier.

The structure thing, we are told, is a stopgap measure to prevent a small number of wardec alliances from running rampant with oppressive wardecs of players who just want to form social groups. The actual finalized system is something we as yet know nothing about. You may want to join the wardec roundtable on January 5th, if you’re interesting in sharing your ideas in a forum where they may matter more, prior to the finalization of that system. It could offer some valuable insight on the state of affairs today that might benefit someone who’s been out of the loop for 7 years, too.

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I will surely try to be present there.
It’s not that I want safer high sec, but as it is atm the amount of wardecs where nothing get’s shot at all is absurd.

If a defending corp or alliance could get ONE location of the nearest structure of the attacking corp it would most likely decrease the craploads of useless decs and will most likely also increase the amount of actuall fights happening.
And no, using alts in NPC corps to spy around, bump ships out of alignment or even tackle them just so the mains can log in in time to get the gank isn’t really fighting.

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Won’t happen. We know who the most coddled are. Maybe the new bosses will do some firing.

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It’s been too safe for you too, Siggy.

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You’re literally saying one of the tankiest ships in the game with a teleport out of danger button needs buffs because they die due to multiple pilot errors hahahah :rofl:

Link the killmail of your JF I killed. I’m really curious how high or low on the complete idiot scale you were when you lost your JF to me :joy:

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Base ehp is not the only measure of tank. JF are not that tanky. It’s just a dps test vs Concord. Sure the logistics of ganking takes effort to set up, but the gank itself is child’s play.
If they had real fittings, and couldn’t be trivially bumped all day it would be quite a different story even under the current Concord timers