Do you want more protection from people in highsec, or less?

(Daichi Yamato) #442

Fuel. Road tax. Licence fees. Labour costs. And it takes days to transport goods across the tenth of the map.

Add all that to eve and you may get something of an economy. It’d make a ■■■■ game, but it might have an economy.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #443

Try trillions mate.

(Solecist Project) #444

The point was that most trucks aren’t worth being robbed, and those that are usually are, are tanked and/or being escorted.

(Nevyn Auscent) #445

Escorts actually work in real life though.
Criminals don’t get a 15 minute time out and get let to do it again after that.
In this case appeals to reality clearly don’t apply.

(Sovereign - Citizen) #446

Completely false.

(Lord Harrowmont) #447

Leave it as it is. Works fine now. The rest is people whining they lost a hauler

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #448

Let us not bicker and argue about who ganked who…

(Solecist Project) #449

And you believe escorts don’t work in the game… why?
I ask, because they do. Want to learn how that works?

(Arthur Aihaken) #450

Yes, because Escorts are such an effective deterrent against freighter bumping…

(Siegfried Cohenberg) #451

actually they are! its just the type of escort that matters

(Nevyn Auscent) #452

While it might in theory be possible for escorts to ‘work’, they don’t work in a functional & practical manner.
They didn’t work in Null when freighter convoys were required due to no Jump Freighters, and that was an environment where you could treat everyone in system as hostile and shoot first to clear your path. Imagine the outcry if Null went back to that. We saw a mere fraction of it when JF range was proposed to be reduced to 5LY instead of 10 which would have then caused escorts to be needed and gate travel for logistics, and the crying over that was insane. So why do we keep pretending that it’s good for highsec.

The three primary reasons they don’t work in game are the need for a twitch response due to Concord timer being so short, the tedium involved in doing it for days and days while the ganker only needs to be alert when they press the button, and in the costs involved in escorting, opportunity cost says escorts are an utter waste of money.

Basically, escorting makes for really bad gameplay, and as such we should be trying to get away from bad tedium inducing systems, not forcing more of it on people.

(Qia Kare) #453

In Hisec, using webs to insta-warp a freighter before a bumper can make contact makes it very hard to catch. In this case at least, an escort can make a pretty big difference. A bonus side effect is skipping that horrible align time that would otherwise lengthen the trip. I know I’m happy for any time I can shave off of having to pilot a freighter.

(Arthur Aihaken) #454

Yes, I know you can use webs to insta-warp a freighter. That’s not really an “escort” because they can’t do much to deter bumping or any other kind of attack. But I guess insofar as the combat mechanics in EVE goes, that’s as good as it gets.

(Siegfried Cohenberg) #455

incorrect, you can go even further beyond

(Qia Kare) #456

I don’t think it’s that a player escort can do nothing to deter an attack, but that it is relatively hard for a player escort to do as well as CONCORD will unfailingly do.

I think webbing is probably the most effective highsec strategy, but flying a bunch of reps, or counter bumping are feasible options available if players want to field a defensive escort of some type and don’t find webbing to their taste. There are probably other options I haven’t thought of.

Unless we decide to permit criminals to be in space to shoot for more than the length of time it takes to get a gank done, they’re not going to be available to shoot outside of that window.

I remember a player, I don’t recall who, asking to forgo his CONCORD protection voluntarily to be a free for all target, but without FacPo harassment that comes with low sec status. Essentially he wanted a 24/7 suspect flag. That, to me, is the kind of player who could be potential content for would be white knights or escorts, but his words met with little traction.

I think there should be some range where a player is a free for all target without having to sustain constant harassment by NPCs doing what could have been player content. I would prefer, probably, to delete FacPo entirely, but even a small sec status window for players who want to pursue this kind of lifestyle would be a drastic improvement for those willing few, and I don’t think it would have much impact on anyone else.

I would like to throw the criminals a bone, for the sake of making things interesting for highsec vigilantes and security forces.

(Solecist Project) #457

The webber escorts him. He’s the escort.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #458

EvE isn’t real life. Stop being stupid for comparing EvE with RL.

(Berger Luckmann) #459

This thread needs to STAHP. Much like this very post I am writing, it has no content and will make no difference.

(Solstice Projekt) #460

Actually it has tons of content.

It provides evidence that certain people cheat, and it burned the chars that are being used to cheat the poll. It provides tons of insights into certain minds and reveals which side of the “equation” they are leaning to.

And that’s just two things I can think of without looking deeper. Lots of details to be gathered about each and every single one who posted in here.

(Herzog Wolfhammer) #461

For what purpose? Hate is as useful as Defender missiles in this game.