Does CCP even read their tickets?

I submitted a ticket about a PLEX purchase not going through. Its been a full 24 hours and they didn’t even reply.

Did you submit it to the proper department?

You can track your tickets in the help center

Are you sure you are looking for your PLEX in the right place? It will be delivered to redeeming - not your PLEX vault.

OMG 24 hrs! The horror!

You should get used to 2 week response time on tickets, cause that’s what it’s been for the past 14 years.

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While CCP does their best to respond to tickets as quickly as possible, sometimes it can take longer than 24 hours. Just be patient and keep checking your status. They’ll get to it, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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that is not true thy always fixed my issues within hours

Depends on the department, small in game problems that don’t have much of a hard effect on gameplay are generally answered and and closed within 24-72 hours(been my experience for the most part for small things).

Like my mistake, accidentally adding a few too many zeros making the broker fees ungodly crazy high. I was selling something and was distracted, a 10m isk sell became a 100b sell and 500m in takes and broker fees… I was like “Uhh WTF?!?” And only had 700m in cash and was hustling to have that.