Does crokite exist anymore?

I can’t find any crokite in either the local lowsec systems or in the Asteroid Belts window of the Agency. Did it get removed from the game?

No it did not :slight_smile: CCP moved crokite and other ores into ore anoms in LS Check for anoms in your agency. I also suggest reading up on the ore redistribution CCP recently did relating to ore.


Did you look in low sec ore anomalies?
I think almost all the low sec ore was moved out of the belts.

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What’s the point of having empty asteroid belts?

Ask CCP we do not know that answer.


Oh, so crokite is only found in anomalies? Is there a maximum security rating in which the anomalies containing crokite spawn?

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I would imagine that would be 0.4.
It is not in high sec, is in low sec (last time I looked. Been awhile).

I have two 0.4 systems next door to where one of my toons lives, and that never generates crokite.

Sorry, shared all I know.

Edit: checked Cerlestes and it shows Crokite as in low sec anomalies.

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For Mining anomalies, they spawn in 0.4 sec or lower. You can also mine decoration ores in security missions though, and those spawn even in 1.0sec. Many Combat Signatures and Relic Sites also have quite a bit of ore. Especially in highsec, ore in relics and combat sigs is often worth more isk then the rats and their drops.

This is an incomplete list of ores in missions:

I couldn’t find a corresponding site for signatures

I’ve seen it spawn in Hevrice.

Sounds like a Gallente system’s name. Maybe that’s where I should look?

Crokite can be found in Crokite anomalies throughout LowSec. They spawn in 0.1 - 0.4 systems. The spawn is random; the anomalies move. You may or may not have one near you. You have to move around and search for them.

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Enormous Asteroid Cluster and Colossal Asteroid Cluster, which spawn in SOV nullsecs with a sufficient number of crabs, also contain Crokite, and those anomalies are probably the main sources for Crokite or any other ore they contain, as those can be farmed way harder then anything in non-sov space. Unlike NPC and WH anoms, SOV anoms respawn 4~5 hours after having been crabbed down, so once you grabbed the ore you wanted to get, load Type C II lasers and destroy anything left in the anom, then warp to the next anom, and repeat. After a few hours the original anom respawns and has new Crokite and whatnot to crab again.

Lowsec anoms on the other hand spawn at random, at a considerable lower rate, and aren’t guaranteed to spawn in your system, which forces you to travel through space and search for anoms. Even if other corpmates found it for you already by the time you log in, lowsec is still significantly more dangerous then nullsec.

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They probably put that new cloaking device they used on EDENCOM structure since there are anomalies that spawn completely empty and won’t ever be fixed.

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