Does Eve need to update its TOS?

Having enjoyed the game for many years I am getting disillusioned over the balance between policy and common sense.

I run abyssals and for the most part they are enjoyed but the problem is they are a lose everything scenario with very little in way of policy to protect runners in the event of game play issue or DC. It’s been raised a number of times but in true CCP style they drag their feet and bury their head in the sand hoping nothing will come of it.

There is a particular issue when running sites that when you enter a the first room if you are running in a crew you can get an issue with “session change” or something along those lines. The only fix is to warp and dock, undock, get back to the gate and enter the site. For those minutes you are down a DPS it is chewing into your time. I have lost count how many times CCP have not reimbursed me when hacving this problem - this is their issue yet are not taking any responsibility for it. Added to that is that you do not know from one run to the next if you are going to get this issue.

Is it time CCP updated it’s unfit for purpose TOS?

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Otherwise you could unplug your ISP and get a refund everytime the spawn is “bad”.

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Nomination for the “Special” award goes to -----


Don’t know what you are talking about.

What ‘particular issue’? What is ‘session change or along those lines’? What exactly doesn’t work as it should?

Does your time have value?

Among the Abyssal community its a well known issue.

Pop filaments - enter the abyssal as a fleet but 1 fleet member gets stuck on the outside unable to join the rest of the fleet.

Explained like this it makes much more sense.

The issue is that bug, not the ToS.

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Not that they are burying their heads in the sand. They’ve made it clear, Abyssals are enter at your own risk. Certainly not a ToS issue.


The issue seems to be that abyssals are subject to a bug which makes it impossible for a part of your fleet to join your instance until they have taken specific actions, wasting precious time in the process and potentially leading to losses that would not have occurred otherwise.

Server-related issues should provide a refund every time. Maybe CCP can’t track that specific “session change in progress” bug .

So as far as I understand it, OP is requesting CCP to formerly declare this bug and the way to detect if, so that GMs can have a clear stance of when to reimburse a player or a group of after being victim of it.

I think the absence of visibility of the tickets and their analyzis does not help CCP nor the users.

That’d be like pulling teeth.

Dying to legit game mechanics: Whatever.
Dying to a bug: CCP should reimburse and fix.

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May be not TOS however we’ve all been on he end of CCPs robot response to such requests and as I see it they are part of the problem. They designed this time bound lose everything game play yet have a policy that doesn’t support it. DC’s happen, computer problems happen, freezes and malfunctions happen all of these things are not the gamers fault. Most of us just want to sign in and enjoy the game, spend hours grinding, use real money to purchase things and are failed by stuff out of control of the gamer. Its space pixels right? So why does CCP treat their customers like criminals - “if we can’ prove that our game failed, tough ■■■■”. But your game did fail in a DC, in a malfunction → nature can not be fooled.

Noone on this forum is even remotely qualified to answer OP’s question.

If someone is a lawyer and is posting here they should reconsider their life choices.

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That’s not treating you like criminal. Stop the exaggeration, it leads to misrepresentation of your point which could be valid otherwise.

And yes, if CCP has not enough evidence (with enough being arbitrary so as to not being subject to threshold effect) that your loss was caused by a server issue, then they should not reimburse you. Otherwise I could claim whatever I want and be reimbursed all the time.


On the contrary I work within a scientific mindset.

CCPs care only about whether their system was working is the problem. Scientifically the system is everything involved in delivering their product and anything that is part of the system out of their control should have fail safes and fallbacks.

You must be very smart!

we’re the ones who suffer though.

Trying to bend reality to not oppose your beliefs is the opposite of scientific.
Making hasty generalization, exagerations, rationalizing your opinions is the opposite of scientific.
This word, it does not mean what you think it means.

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Why can’t people just open the game make friends and just blowup stuff/make ISK? Compared to wondering if the darn TOS is up to date?

Many people seem so bent on being the hero of EVE. That my suggestion or question is going to revolutionize this game. What’s wrong with just coming home from work and just enjoying the game? Are people compelled to make questions like this? Is it encouraged we just post any ideas we have that come to our head?


I haven’t :joy:

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I get it I really do - the problem is that the game demands a lot of you and when you put a lot of time and effort into grinding only for it to be undone by things out of your hands thats where the bitterness, for me, begins. Just grinded hours upon hours for it to be undone. If I made an error I can understand but there isn’t much support for loses caused by things that aren’t pilot error.