Does Loss of Ship Mean Loss of Character?

I have read enough of the advice to newbies that I know I will be losing ships and their cargo. Does that mean I will lose my character as well?

You cannot lose your Character, but it is possible that you may lose your Capsule (and any implants that you have loaded into that particular clone).

Your character will simply respawn in a new Capsule in your Home Station.


It is possible to lose ships, but under normal circumstances not even likely. I still have most of my noob ships.
And dying is no problem, you “respawn”, you keep all your skillpoints, ISK, PLEX and docked ships. Grab another one and back into business!

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You never lose a character. There are some ships which will cause you to lose a skill you’ve trained if the ship is lost (and it’ll be quite a while before you get one of those) but otherwise you’re immortal and the only thing you’ll lose is any implants you happen to be ‘wearing’ at the time if your capsule dies as well. Note that you can usually escape in your capsule after your ship is shot-out from under you, but you have to be quick…

You lose your ship, and possibly also your pod with implants. Then you wake up where your medical clone is, in a new pod without implants. Only with the loss of a T3 strategic cruiser you also lose a skill level (SP Points) from a random subsystem.

Capsuleers are immortal, they resurrect in a new fresh clone on death.

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I don’t know. The last time mine smelled kind of weird, as if someone had been in it before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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