Does the "Structure Damage Resistance" on torpedo work?

I tried in Sisi to fire to Custom Office at 20km. I press EM torpedo(360HP and 20% EM Resis = 450 EHP) and press faction EM smartbomb (375 EM) and the damage text shows that smartbomb made 360 damage to torpedo, as a result, the torpedo disappears and no damage dealt to Custom Office.
And when I use faction THER smartbomb(338 THE), the EM torpedo(360HP and 0% THEM Resis) will be damaged 338 HP and do damage to Custom Office.
I wonder “does the ‘Structure Damage Resistance’ on torpedo work?”
or “does the ‘Structure Damage Resistance’ on any kind of missiles work?”

Why has no one answered yet? I must know!

the resist doesnt matter if the smartbomb is doing more damage than the resist can account for, if you could do exactly 360 damage to that torpedo without going over youd probably see the resist work, but if the smart bomb is doing 450+ still going to show 360.

ive seen people die with massive EHP tanks but it shows the ship they died in took base damage pretty much.

The smartbomb does 375 base EM damage.

The torpedo has 450 EM EHP.

More damage than the resist would account for would not be dealt, is their point. If the stats are working as assumed, the smartbomb should have dealt exactly 300 damage.

and people with 180k ehp would die to 50k of damage with their hardners on, which would mean the entire ehp system is flawed

It’s not flawed, you just don’t understand it.

A ship actually has X real HP. This is the value reported as damage dealt to the ship (ignoring reps and regen, ofc). It is not modified by resists (it is modified by buffer mods, however).

EHP simply describes, mathematically, how much RAW damage must be dealt to kill the ship. Raw damage is modified by resists to yield actual damage done to real HP.

If a ship has 50,000 HP and 50% EM resist, it has 100K EM EHP. It will still only take 50,000 actual damage, but 100,000 “raw”, pre-resist damage will be dealt to inflict that 50K damage (again, ignoring any reps and whatnot).

In game, the actual presentation of this is not that the ship absorbs more actual damage, but rather that the incoming damage is reduced. It’s functionally identical, but is more unwieldy to use in conversation. If I know a ship does 1000 kinetic DPS, and I know I have a million kinetic HP, it’s much more obvious how long I can tank him for than it would be if I were trying to calculate his damage reduction against my varying shield, armor, and structure amounts and resists.


I know it, but the smartbomb should do 300 damage(375*(1-20%)=300) to EM torpedo which won’t kill the torpedo, however, it does 360 damage(or more than 360) in game.
I can understand raw hp and effective hp and I know the damage shown in text is raw hp, but I cannot understand why the damage of smartbomd is not be modified by the EM resistance of EM torpedo(it should be 300 damage!).

Maybe my wrong way of telling makes someone misunderstood, I am very sorry about it.
I want to re-explain:
the faction EM smartbomb does 375 EM damage, while the EM torpedo has 20% EM Resist and 360HP. So I think if I use one EM smartbomb to bomb a EM torpedo, the smartbomb should do 375*(1-20%)=300 dmg to EM torpedo. However, as a result of my test, the EM smartbomb does 360 damage to the EM torpedo. So I wonder “does the ‘Structure Damage Resistance’ on torpedo work?”.

And now I test the THEM smartbomb and THEM torpedo(which has 20% THEM resist).
THEM torpedo has 360hp and 20% THEM Resist
faction THEM smartbomb does 338 THEM damage in panel.
If the 20% THEM resist of them torpedo works, the them smartbomb should do 338*(1-20%)=270.4 damage to torpedo. But it does 338 damage actually.
The same question: “does the ‘Structure Damage Resistance’ on torpedo work?”.

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