Does this game have a PvP server at all?

The ESS was one the changes that PvP players like myself were asking for 5+ years ago- please don’t get your hopes up.

There is baiting and repositioning tactics. I wouldn’t consider those non confrontation. Obviously you wouldn’t engage in a fight that you would clearly lose. Its important to know who has the tactical advantage and engage accordingly.

What I consider non-confrontation, would be docking as soon as local isn’t blue and not re docking until otherwise. The EVE I know doesnt exist anymore, The carebears have had their way with it. They pretend PvP in fleets of 40+ people pressing f1 and listening to directions for hours on end, over escalating fights. And 90% of the rest of the time risk adverse ratting in warp stabbed drone boats or station spinning. Sad state of affairs. But if thats how people enjoy their time playing well, then enjoy your time playing =).

I mean, you’re choosing to do one of several types of PvP EvE offers- piracy. That’s based on a predator/prey model. The prey is absolutely supposed to try everything they can think of to escape you. That’s their goal. There are many more tactics involved than you are listing. If you’re getting foiled by stabs, bring a second ship and put more points on them. Or hunt in places where it is pretty tough to do the content when wasting low slots on stabs or where you can use bubbles. If local is messing you up, wait in the other side of a gate or hunt in types of space with no local. I krab sometimes, and the people who catch me are using really interesting, fun, tactics. They’ll have every site scanned down in the systems in their territory, so they don’t often need to use combat probes, they’ll figure out what my travel routes are (am I going system to system looking for anomalies? back and forth from a particular station to missions? etc.) and they’ll set up a trap along that route. They’ll leave a cyno alt online in a particular system for 12 hours while they do something else, until I get used to him being there sitting in station, and then suddenly they’ll catch me with him…

There is a lot to it. It isn’t just fly to a system, scan somebody down, go there and fight. If that’s what you’re doing, yeah, that isn’t going to be a winning strategy very often. Pretty much just preying on the nubiest of the nubes.

I kind of like that flavor of PvP. It’s a lot of strategy. I like that it is kind of slow paced. It is pretty unique to EvE. But, hey, maybe that isn’t your thing. You can just pick a more combat-oriented kind of PvP like faction warfare, big fleet battles, gate camps, ganking… Or if you really want to just log in and start fighting, they even have instanced PvP.

The undock button is the pvp button.

People who are tryhard pve’ers or station spinners will always find a way to avoid a fight (given high enough intelligence). If you make it near impossible, they still have the choice to simply not log in.

The only thing that doesn’t really have a counter is cloaking. But that’s used more in cloaky hunting/ camping then avoiding pvp. In home region locals can tether or dock so why bother cloaking. And you can still catch pve ships with cloak using combat probes and a fast warping hunter (+skill at decloaking).

CCP needs to hire a psychologist. A game as complex as EVE becomes almost a projected model of human psychology. We amass wealth (isk/$), share it with our tribe (corp/friends/family) and protect our house and resources (space/forts).

When people threaten our resources, we question #1, can we beat this warring tribe of flying space chimps. If yes, deploy the capitals, if no, turtle and hide until they get bored when they realize they can extract no resources from us.

There’s also just the act of PvPing. It gives me an adrenaline/dopamine/cortisol high. I like it. I DO NOT seek that high out again when it requires hours of roaming endlessly.

I like the idea of proving grounds in the sense it allows for rapid PvP, but alas this one has no ■■■■■■■ single player mode, so I’m SOL and havn’t partaken at all in this event.

It’s all about ballancing risk/reward and also human psychology.

People want to pvp because it makes them high, they don’t want to pvp when it’s hours of jumping to fight in a blob of 500 people.

You are already losing low slots that increase tank or damage.

Or warp core stab triples your align time :smiley:

But yea I would love a d-scan rework to be much stronger and show a sort of direction and inaccurate distance.

Adding modules that increase the power of d-scan (increasing accuracy of distance and angle but still no where near perfect to allow skill to fill the void) to fit to ships like interceptors to be much better scouts and then remove local as the perfect intel tool.

Maybe degrees with 0 or 360 being towards the sun, clockwise counting up and anti clockwise counting down from 360 would allow us to learn directionality in space which is weird but will work in eve online becuase there is an up and down.

CCP tried just removing Local without giving anything to compensate and most of null didn’t log in.

Blackout didn’t last anywhere long enough, to let people get over the loss of the safety blanket. They would have returned and adapted, they all do eventually.

Lots of forum PvP in this thread, curiously.

Maybe, would be nice if they did but I think you overestimate this generation of eve players lol.

I Iove filiments, no much for escaping stuff but for bringing me somewhere totally random that I cant prepare for.

Problem with blackout was they introduced multiple changes people didn’t like in short time span (idk what they were, probably some nerfs). Ongoing tactic it seems. It’s hard to asses what exactly and by how much caused fewer logins. And… maybe they would go up with time, maybe not, I don’t think CCP wants to gamble like that. From past data it seems that once TQ population stabilizes, it’s not going up again. Introduction of f2p was a blip and then it went back to normal levels.

Not sure what CCP was doing between 2009 and 2014, but it looks like the golden age :]

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This and this.

Eve is all about HTFU & adapt…but Blackout is too much, Really?

Blackout isn’t the issue, it’s players not willing to give it a try and see what benefits to game play it adds.

Blackout has been around for years in worm holes, and those that live there know how to live without local and have been doing so for ages.

And now since before end of last year after the trig invasion players living in T-Space have become use to Blackout local.

The only ones that bitch about blackout are carebears or those not willing to learn how to live in space with limited intel. They only use local to see who’s in system, its not for comm’s as most use private chat channels.

As I see it blackout adds a level of risk and benefit to the system, it also add new roles for DScan combat sensor pilots and ships to monitor system activity.

But afk players and bots hate it.

Blackout was the best thing that happened to Null, and it was even better because it lasted for a decently short time. It ground bots to a halt and made the exciting experience of ceptor roams possible. That is one of the reasons I love J-space. Risking your expensive large ships.