DOGSC is Seeking PVP Pilots for WH Ops and Raids Into Low/Null

Dog Soldier Collective is a growing, active and ready PVP corporation based in a C4 WH. We offer Discord/TS, Ship replacement, and regular PVP, and roams/raids into null and low sec as well as high sec war deccing when we find it profitable. Basically, we will shoot anything, anywhere for any reason. IF this is your goal, we will make it happen. Quality of actions is a MUST. 5 million SP minimal.

On the other hand, we all know RL comes first. No pressure, no obligations, and a chill, fun group to terrorize the New Eden Cluster with.

Secondly, we have a sister corporation that we can fly with on industry ops, mining, gassing and PI is very nice to make that extra isk.

Your home is here. Join us, Become a dog soldier.


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