Doomsday Damage Delay

I felt the need to bring this up because right now there’s a pretty big imbalance between the 4 types of targeted doomsdays.
The Leviathan, despite having the lowest scan res of the 4 t1 titans (8.1s to lock a dread), has the longest damage delay of all targeted DDs (12s). Whereas the Ragnarok, on the other hand, has the fastest scan res (6.4s to lock a dread) and the lowest damage delay (7.5s).
The erebus and the avatar follow closely to the rag with 7.4s lock 8s delay and 6.9 lock 9s delay, respectively.

What exactly does this discrepancy in damage delay achieve? I even looked at DD cap usage to see if this is where the minamatar DD has a disadvantage but no, in fact, it uses the least % of capacitor compared to the others.

So, CCPlease, make the damage delay for all targeted DDs the same.

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