Polarized Doomsday

Any capital with a halfway decent buffer fit can survive a targeted DD. (some no-buffer active rep fits can even do it too). This is fine since titans are already as powerful as they need to be in a large scale fleet fight setting. However when you scale down a titan’s combat role to a small group or even individual pilots, it feels very underwhelming to risk (risk as in, if you get tackled you die) such an expensive asset only to slash off half of a capital’s hp.

So, why not throw a bone to the little guy? Polarized doomsday - 4 million damage, 0% resists. Only a full-on bait tank cap would be able to survive this and no amount of FAXs would be able to save a titan with no resists should it get caught and counter-dropped.

> little guy
> titan


You want to introduce a module no one is going to use in order to impractically solve a poorly-defined non-existent problem?


small groups and independent players own and use supercaps too, this module would incentivize and reward such players without adding to a titan’s power-level in a big blob .

No, it will create a module that nobody in their right mind would use on a ship that expensive.

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plenty people already use no-tank hyper supers. Not many use titans in this manner however because a DD isnt powerful enough for the amount of risk you need to take.

At least browsing zkillboard the cost of a Titan is a good 4.5x that of a super for just the hull.

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i did lol

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