Doppler shift

can anyone explain to me what the audio option ‘‘doppler shift’’ does?
i asked alot of people ingame but noone seems to know!

and i dont hear any big diffrence.

you might not notice doppler shift because you are so used to hearing it in real life. the doppler shift, as it was explained to me 20 years ago in middle school, is the audible effect of hearing the higher frequencies of a sound-generating object that is closer to you, and lower frequences as it moves away from you. that’s why a car horn sounds like it’s changing pitch as it drives by. it begins low, gets higher as it approaches, peaks when it’s right next to you, and ends lower again as the car drives on. to continue the car example, if it’s not blowing its horn, you still hear the rushing of the tires. any sound begins low and gets higher as it gets lower, both in volume and pitch, and lower again as it moves away. a ship passing you in space should not make sound, because we are in space, but since the game has sound in space, i guess they think we should also hear the doppler effect in space lol…but for some people, the doppler effect BREAKS THEIR IMMERSION and RUINS the game, because it is TOO real! hence the checkbox. nice checkbox huh? there should be a checkbox to turn off tooltips because the doppler shift is fine, but constant tool tipping gives me a damn headache


bro, u did a freakin nice job explaining it, THANK YOU! :smiley:


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