Dotlan lag

What is it that causes the lag on
You need to type slow or it will always miss a few letters. Is this for everyone and what is the root of the lag issue?
I used to think it was me but I am beginning to think it does this to everyone.

Works fine for me.

No one here can help you with any issues you may have with the website. Try ask on their forum instead.

How do you get the dark version of Dotlan?
The white damn near gives me a sunburn, no wonder everyone is wearing sunglasses while gaming these days.
I started wearing my M2’s to counter all this white screens.
Your eyes will dry out if you don’t wear eye protection.

Eyes only dry out when you don’t blink. Eyes don’t dry out from a white screen, unless you’re looking into a hair dryer at the same time.

Or use multiple monitors, why do you think so many streamers are wearing sunglasses. To look cool?
Its because the radiation from multiple monitors is drying out their eye sockets.
I play in the dark and white screens are like a deer caught in the headlights.
I have even adopted wearing my sunglasses while I play and I’m not even streaming or trying to look cool.

Light does not dry out your eyes. It might be your not blinking your eyes as often as you’d normally would. But when one is outside all day then one is exposed to much more light and wind, too, and yet do eyes not try out. One also does not need to wear sunglasses when one can simply control the brightness of a monitor.

I’d say you’re falling for BS. A streamer who wears sunglasses may only not want others to see his eyes, because eyes can tell a bit about a person as you may or not may know.

If you think you really have a problem then it might be also a good idea to see an eye doctor just to be safe. But I’m thinking this is all just made up.

There’s a theme choice in the very top of the page. Three small boxes with: default, dark. and now defunct IGB theme. Is at the the left of - “Keep Dotlan running…”

I have always gotten this when running searches, maybe its a slow database?

OMG Thanks… It was burried under the Accept Cookies banner. I had seen the black theme in someones video.
The black theme rocks… even if I have to pay for it with cookies.
No more being blinded when I open Dotlan.
Much love <3 <3 <3

This is very constant for me, I have very fast internet and if I type normal it always misses one letter.
I have to type slow for searches to compensate.
To get around this I usually try to paste the location or just use the first three letters and use the results under the search window.

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