Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(xCONFLiCTiONx) #266

Thank you, I was reading from the top. Maybe I should have started from the bottom. LOL

(Tyr Citlali) #267

I was unaware of that. I will keep it in mind for the future. Thank you.

(Joshua Otsolen) #268

I did not get mine today either … dialog came up yesterday … today the skills are locked

(Ashe Terroid) #269

Um Falcon, since CCP dumped the game like a red headed stepchild and abandoned us, shouldn’t you drop the CCP part of your moniker. Not sayin just sayin. That said and I was kidding btw When does the second day start. I accepted the first bonus over 24 hours ago and the second half still hasn’t gone active

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #270

How about:

Dear capsuleers

Due to unforeseen technical problems when performing free SP packages, the entire procedure will have to be repeated the next weekend.

Thanks in advance for your understanding


(techzer0) #271

Please show the CCP memo or Pearl Abyss memo that proves your statement.

It’s a single weekend chicken little. Jesus.

(Dopified) #272

Ok, went back to log in and the bonus skill points are now working i was able to redeem them. Thanks CCP

(Aetrid) #273

Memo? lol - you don’t seriously expect a memo dealing with that to be publicly available? Remember the “greed is good” memo? That was leaked. So…unless the relevant memo is leaked or perhaps hacked, the likes of you and I will never see it.

Buy some skins.

(techzer0) #274

He is acting like the thing is absolutely real.
I just want to see the proof.
Otherwise it is just another conspiracy theory.
Tinfoil on your head is so mom’s basement.

(Sean Roach) #275

Well, for those who couldn’t wait, and had to rush off to 24 hour days, and such, I hope they extend the offer of the second day by another day.
I got mine, on my second log-in, but I could see someone who works long shifts getting the shaft over this FUBAR.

(Sean Roach) #276

One. Such a “daily offer”, keeps players coming back. Logging in. Not shelving the game for a month while they try something else. Ehh, maybe two months. Whatthehell, I’m not missing it yet, maybe I’ll revisit it next Christmas.
Keeping players from forgetting about their ships, and their Ponzi schemes, and all their “ancient” feuds, and those friends whom they know from the game. This is a GOOD thing.

Two. Little things like this let them get a few numbers of note. Maybe whether or not the launcher and log-in server is up to the task of handling a Christmas Break rush (which I said above). Maybe get an idea of about how many subscribed players are still even WATCHING the game, (as mentioned by someone else above.)
I recently read an obituary for Stan Lee, which credited him with realizing he could use a letters page to get faster feedback on how the comics were doing than waiting six months for the strips to return. I see nothing different here.

A marketing tool, yes. Maybe to influence the players, (by getting them to log in, rather than forget about the game,) and maybe just to get a measure of the players. Either way, not a nefarious thing.

Not everything is Pavlov ringing a bell to see if you’ll still salivate. Sometimes, it’s just to see if you’re still here.

(Eric Kalfren) #277

Hey mine works now. I think it might be a full 24h thing rather than downtime unless I’ve missed that being officially confirmed somewhere.

(Daichi Yamato) #278

Does it have to be spelt out for you? Still a blunt knife i see.

Like any ‘double xp weekend’ it’s about inflating numbers. As eve’s first, i imagine it’s testing the waters, much like the dailies a few years back.

You think this will never happen again or be iterated upon?

You see why i call you naive?

(Daichi Yamato) #279

It gets some people who wouldn’t already log in to log in. But it doesn’t necessarily make them play the game.

You can log in for a second and then log out. You don’t even have to select your char to get it. It only LOOKS like a good thing on the piece of paper you show investors. But the likely reality is that those who weren’t going to play anyways wont.

It’d be good if this does in fact lead to more people playing, but that’s also what I’m worried about. Because if it does actually work, there will likely be more of it. Which means skill training is no longer equal (outside of omega vs alpha), it partly becomes about how often you can log in. This goes against one of the nice things about eve, it’s very real life friendly. This is what a REAL good thing looks like. With eve players typically being older, full time workers and with families and commitments, passive training and not being penalised for not being able to log in are attractive qualities for a game.

So the further we go down the route of dailies, the more this game is about grinding. And if those dailies become about in game activities because ccp want to artificially inflate the use of a certain feature to pretend it’s more successful than it really is, you’ve got players chasing ccp’s feature of the month rather than freely pursuing their own agendas, something that was truly fascinating about eve, to those inside and outside the game.

If you think this is an illegitimate worry, you are blind!

(Daichi Yamato) #280

Case in point.

(techzer0) #281

I am not naive.
I am just pointing out your lies.
You say something as fact then admit you’re guessing.

Still a liar I see.

(DarkBlue Beck) #282

Having to have everything spelled out for you isn’t really a positive trait, BTW. Logical reasoning is an important skill.

(Daichi Yamato) #283

Dude you need to grow up. Or get your head out your arse. One of the two.

I was never privy to the ccp meeting that resulted in this decision, but the reason behind any ‘double xp weekend’ in any game is to inflate numbers.

Have you not cottoned onto that?

The part im guessing is that this is a test to see how we react.

(techzer0) #284

Having to play pretend and invent things to make a point isn’t really a positive trait.

I know because you guessed.

(Daichi Yamato) #285

So what’s your point?