Double Training Weekend Feedback Thread!


(techzer0) #286

Come up with some facts and prove me wrong.
The only facts in your posting is the fact that you guess.

(Daichi Yamato) #287

The only people that can do this is ccp. I am not ccp (hard to tell i know).

But i don’t have to prove anything. Anyone with any intelligence understands that double xp weekends are for inflating numbers.

This is like the last thread I got into it with you. You’re caught up in the wrong thing. Crying for proof where there cannot be any then trying to claim victory when there wasn’t even a battle.

(techzer0) #288

It isn’t hard to tell at all.

Your just another in a long line of naysayers that for some reason enjoy lying on the forums.
I have been hearing the same ■■■■ for years. CCP did this or that for whatever and EVE is dying.
Over 12 years later I still play and I am still here.

This is like the last thread I got into it with you. You’re lying because you have no proof.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #289

And why you asked that from me? Why you asked proof and documents from me???

You thik that you can impose rules on others and that YOU can avoid rules.
Sick !!!

(Daichi Yamato) #290

What lies and naysaying?

(Daichi Yamato) #291

You’ll have to remind me what you said that i wanted proof for. But it likely wasn’t an already established understanding like:

Double xp weekends are for inflating numbers.


Hi @Predvodnica_LSG

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #292

Yup I have more than 50 accounts and once all was omegas paid by RL money not PLEXS, do you have problem with that ?

To be ontopic I’ll take all free SP on all my accounts, just because I can :sunglasses:

(Daichi Yamato) #293

So you don’t want to settle your whining about proof?

Oki koki.

(Sean Roach) #294

Things like this “double XP weekend” are for eliciting a response.
While that response is presumably for increasing logins, this doesn’t translate to more than a tiny bump in players online.
If ALL they wanted to do was increase logins, all they’d have to do is crash JITA, once, during prime time. Nearly everyone who got bumped would log back in. Some people who WEREN’T in JITA might log in just for the rare opportunity to maybe get in, or out, of JITA before the death squads managed to get back online.
…or while the spambots were mercifully silent.

As I said, this type of actions is to, presumably. elicit a response. What we don’t know, despite our speculation, is what the purpose of that response is. (Presumably, because it could actually be intended to reward loyal players, which, since it encourages loyalty, is, eliciting a response, at one remove.)
Frankly, the more I think about it, market research seems more and more probable over stress testing.

You pointed out that this particular offering is potentialy a massive change to how players currently get their skills, but it’s not all that different from how things were a few years ago, when veteran players would set alarm clocks to remind them to be online to start the new skill training when the old one finished, or, more recently, logging in once every few days to top off the massive 24h skill queue, (which was capped by an 8x skill to level 5, taking two months to complete) by packing a few more 2x and 3x skills, all which would complete inside 24h, in front of the long-train skill, before logging back off and going on with their day.

Still, you have a point that this makes the game less farm-friendly, (that is, logging in, setting something in order, and logging right back out), but if it stays like this, where you’re rewarded for logging in some time in a 24h window, either with skillpoints, isk, T1 ships, or fluff, I can’t really see it as the end of the farm-friendly training that this game has long been.

Whats more, even this two day event was spread over three or four days. Even the most tightly scheduled player should have been able to manage five minutes, twice, over that span of time, unless they’re stuck on a container ship or something. Outside of SNAFUs throwing off the carefully orchestrated plans, to log on between grabbing breakfast, and rushing to the car to sit in some emergency response facility for the next day, this was already pretty flexible.

(Daichi Yamato) #295

Not a massive change. Just a change.

The magnitude would depend how frequent these things become. Which i imagine depends on how successful this one is.

Regarding how things were a few years ago, it was accepted to be a bad thing, as mentioned earlier, and changed. By comparing this to the alarm clocking we used to do demonstrates it’s actually a bad thing to do. It is very flexible like you say. But what I’m (and others are) worried about is this being just the beginning.

Like if someone missed out on the second reward being FUBAR as you put it. What about the poor people who miss the entire weekend because of real life commitments? What about someone who misses out on several of such weekends because if their work and family. How FUBAR is that?

You’d have to be very naive to not wonder where this is coming from and where it might go.

(techzer0) #296

If you don’t know this is 100% fact you are lying.
Facts don’t care about your feelings.

Your naysaying is all over the forums. I am not going to be bothered to look up the many examples because you’re not worth it.

inb4 hurr durr something or other about looking them up.

(Daichi Yamato) #297

You trigger so hard.

(Quor Dresden) #298

This needs to be repeated given the majority of posts in this thread.

(Alex Logan) #299

I just logged in to both of my omega toons (2 different accounts) and was only able to claim 2x25K SP on each toon. I thought it said “50,000 skillpoints twice this week-end” ?

Also only got one multiple training certificate. Where’s the other one.

(Winston Onzo) #300

@Alex_Logan Yea its 50,000 per day if you are omega, so if you log back in tomorrow after downtime, you’ll get your other 50,000 for each toon.

there was no mention of MTC

(March rabbit) #301

Well… It is simple: if one was “paid to win” and won then someone other got win for money.

(Kaivarian Coste) #302

Thank you CCP! +1

(Santa Spirit) #303

My Main agrees with you %1000000

(Aetrid) #304

Uh-huh…guess we’ll see if this ages well.

(zen-vexor01 LSG) #305

The first fast check shows that this weekend was significantly more log in than last one. I am very eager to find out the length of the log ins, when it was last logged in, how many alpha was as much as omega … But these are serious and important data and I doubt they will give it to the public, to bad I would just like to take a quick look at them. :blush:
I hope they will use them well and improve Eve.

I congratulate you on the right move and I hope you will continue.