Downtime extended?

Just to know it because if so i must have missed it.

Was that announced?

I dont think it was announced, perhaps im blind

Just in time for Fanfest.

But it works now.

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update : The moment i complained and send this threat the server pops on : Should have done it earlier :slight_smile:

Yes, the server taking just over 10 minutes to restart… Clearly that’s wrong ans it’s really just a personal attack on you and you should start being a Karen about it.

No announcement of REFUNDS and FREE SP yet? What a shame! :rofl:


Would you calm down?

I asked a question and made a joke…no isd’s or gm’s were hurt in the process…:slight_smile:

You didn’t “make a joke”. You where crying about the inhumanity of server restart taking more than 5 minutes, the egocentric entitlement is real.

In your world there are no people who are NOT entitled,and that don’t care,hm?

Well i’m not part of your world and this is why this answer took 5 days…i’m just not on this forum 24/7.

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